The Power of the Ultrasound: Saving Utah Babies From Abortion

  • Mary Taylor
  • 08/29/2020

The Power of the Ultrasound: 

Saving Utah Babies From Abortion

I held my breath as I waited for the ultrasound image to appear on the screen. And then there he was! His profile showed an upturned button nose, and his tiny lips were slightly parted. I gasped and brought my hand to my chest as if to still my heart. I looked at the woman who had become my friend over the last weeks after long and intimate discussions about abortion. The things that I had told her had definitely given her pause about going through with an abortion, but still I wasn't sure that it had been enough. In that moment, our eyes locked, and tears flowed down both of our faces. This was when her baby became real to her.

There is nothing more rewarding in pro-life work than knowing that you have been instrumental in shifting a woman from being abortion-minded to loving her baby. It changes you permanently. You are forever connected at the heart to both mother and baby. And it changes the world forever, whether in a small way or some monumental way that is yet to come.

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