1 Year Of Free Ultrasounds, 38 Babies Saved

  • Katherine Bright
  • 05/14/2022

A Time for Celebration

It has been one year since the Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Clinic first ventured out in front of Planned Parenthood.

And what a year it’s been!

As of publication time, 38 babies have been saved because of the work of the mobile clinic support team.

The vast majority of these mothers were either on their way to their abortion or to the required informed consent class when a sidewalk advocate invited them to receive a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. A few called our hotline for help with their pregnancy.

Once they saw the image on the screen or heard their little one’s heart beating, they began to have a change of heart (with many making a different choice on the spot!). These women were then paired with individual Women’s Support Team members to work with them to solve any concerns (financial, emotional, medical, etc.) and continue to support them throughout their pregnancy and beyond, as needed.

Stories From the Front Lines 

Rachel Zavala is one of the trained sonographers for Pregnancy Choice Utah who provides ultrasounds on the Mobile Clinic. She explains that her job is to help women feel comfortable by performing the ultrasound in a respectful and professional manner. Rachel admits that she can’t help but get excited when the image appears on the screen.

“You never know exactly what you’re going to see, and we’ve seen babies of all different sizes!”

Rachel goes on to describe how powerful it is to witness women’s reactions to seeing their babies. She recalls one very emotional day that stood out to her:

“One Friday, we had a case where the woman was very far along. We were shocked when we measured how big the baby was! Her boyfriend called his parents, who drove to the mobile clinic to congratulate them. Everyone was crying!”

The good news didn’t stop there. Rachel remembers that on that particular day, three babies were saved from abortion.

Brean Thorson is another member of the mobile ultrasound clinic team who serves as both a sidewalk counselor and a client advocate. She stands on the sidewalk and invites women to receive free ultrasounds. If they accept that invitation, she then helps them begin to make a plan to address the challenges that were causing her to consider abortion.

"Working on the sidewalk as part of the mobile clinic team is a spiritual rush," Brean says. “There's a lot of excitement, emotions are running high, and the adrenaline is often pumping." 

Brean describes how she is motivated first and foremost by love. She knows these women are in a tough spot, and her job isn't to judge or condemn but instead to offer support. 

When asked about her favorite experience, Brean says there are too many to choose from but that a recent interaction comes to mind. A teenage girl and her mom were about to enter Planned Parenthood when she invited them for an ultrasound. After seeing and hearing the heartbeat, Brean spoke with them more about their concerns. She learned that they thought it was just the expectation to get an abortion if a teenager becomes pregnant. Brean was able to speak love and encouragement to this family by letting them know she'd help provide whatever support they needed.

Just Getting Started

The success of the mobile clinic in just one year's time is more than we could have hoped for, but we're just getting started! With Utah averaging about 3,000 elective abortions a year, we believe the mobile clinic will be the key to significantly reducing this number.

As we await the official overturning of Roe vs. Wade (which will make almost all abortions illegal in the state of Utah), we know that the fight to save innocent lives will continue. These services will be needed more than ever, and we are committed to helping as many women and babies as we can. The goal is to have the mobile clinic operating full-time so we can serve more women, save more babies, disrupt Planned Parenthood’s business, and ultimately see the end of abortion in Utah.

Donate | Volunteer

Please support our work!. Whether you’re ready to donate to the costs of the Mobile Ultrasound Clinic or get started as a volunteer, we need you today!

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