Planned Parenthood’s Tone Deaf Rally - Post-Abortive “Rage”

  • Lindsey Tafengatoto
  • 05/05/2022

Lindsey's baby

“We Need to Direct Our Rage” 

Tuesday evening, May 3, 2022, pro-abortion activists rallied at the Utah State Capitol Building in protest of the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would dissolve Roe v. Wade and send the issue of abortion back to the states. They were, of course, outraged that Utah’s “trigger ban” will quickly eradicate the vast majority of abortions in the state if that decision becomes final.

Karrie Galloway, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, repeatedly insisted that the draft decision and prospective results thereof should leave them full of rage.

She said, “It’s fair to have rage, and you need to decide what to do with that rage.” I completely agree with her.

It’s very fair for me to have rage that Planned Parenthood took advantage of me as a minor.

Rage that Planned Parenthood helped me hide my secret abortion from my family.

Rage that they botched the abortion and doubled my trauma.

My Story

“What would you like us to say,” they asked, “When we call your phone to arrange an appointment? Planned Parenthood, or doctor’s office?”

They were quick to accept the money from my older, adult boyfriend, no questions asked. 

Although he and I were in a consensual relationship, looking back on my experience with Planned Parenthood shocks me to my core. As a mother to a daughter now, I can see clearly how predatory that situation should seem to even one adult who showed compassion or concern, both of which were absent in my experience with Planned Parenthood.

Witnessing a minor being brought in by an older man for an abortion isn’t new to Planned Parenthood, but it is underreported, as Live Action has proven through investigative journalism. Despite being mandatory reporters by law, Planned Parenthood has yet to be called out for its scandalous cover-ups of sexual abuse.

The abortion giant was quick to get me in for the abortion procedure, and quick to cover up the botched abortion they performed on me.

I was 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant when they performed a suction aspiration abortion.

I was terrified but compliant out of fear, anxiety, and inner turmoil. My boyfriend was pushing for this, and no one else who could help me even knew I was pregnant. My naive brain truly thought this was my only option to escape my reality. 

A Botched Abortion on a Minor 

13 weeks after my initial suction aspiration abortion that Planned Parenthood had performed, I looked down at my stomach and realized I had a growing belly.

I was in disbelief that I was still pregnant. I had gone through the procedure myself! I had lived in that horrible pain, and cried uncontrollably in the car after the procedure was finished. That really happened, so what complication was happening now?

I went back to Planned Parenthood for answers. They performed an ultrasound and referred me to a hospital immediately.

The suction aspiration abortion they performed didn’t work. My baby had survived the abortion attempt, and I needed actual medical help to understand how the baby was doing and what my next steps should be.

Once at a hospital, a more thorough ultrasound was performed. I got to see my baby on this ultrasound. I saw his perfect little silhouette, his fingers and toes, and his tiny perfect body. I was so thankful that the mistake I made to get an abortion hadn’t worked and I would get to carry and birth him. Then I asked the ultrasound tech where the heartbeat was, because I couldn’t hear it. 

He got uncomfortable in his seat as he informed me that there was no heartbeat.

I was crushed all over again. I went through a dilation and evacuation procedure at that point, to remove my baby’s body. I was heartbroken. I was just a teenager, and no one who could have helped me handle the emotional crisis I quickly found myself in even knew anything had happened.

I self-medicated with drugs and alcohol, was careless with my life, and moved out of my family home to separate myself from them because of the feeling of unworthiness that took over me.

Healing from Planned Parenthood’s damage

It’s been 11 years since this traumatic experience happened in my life. I have found joy, healing, and forgiveness. I have a beautiful growing family.

I have rage, but that rage is coupled with determination and compassion for all women who face crisis pregnancies, who are post-abortive, or who need general help in family life. 

Thankfully, in Utah, it is illegal to perform an abortion on a minor without parental consent. Planned Parenthood would jump at the chance to change that if they could, so I will always share the truth of what happens inside the walls of big abortion companies. With my rage, I will share my story and protect babies, mothers, and families from the predatory ways of this giant abortion company.

Our women, families, and especially our precious babies in the womb deserve the attention and care God intended for them to have. I am confident that Pro-Life Utah and communities all over Utah can and will step up and prove what an amazing, life-centered culture we can create in the up-and-coming, post-Roe America.

Lindsey Tafengatoto is Pro-Life Utah’s Utah Abortion Healing Leader, a wife and mother, and a student majoring in Child and Family Advocacy.

We’re here for you. Please call 801-505-6581 or visit if you have had an abortion and are seeking healing from emotional trauma it has caused.





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