#JusticefortheFive - What the Media Isn't Telling You

  • Koria Horrocks
  • 04/29/2022

There are only two questions that matter in this entire story: Were these abortions done in an ilegal way? If they were done legally, how and why is this violence legal?

Media is criticizing pro-life activists to distract from their atrocious discovery. The truth needs to be spread and justice should be served. Five infants were found in D.C. to have been aborted late term by horrific and most likely illegal methods. The mayor is doing nothing, the chief of police is doing nothing, and the media is talking about the wrong things.

The Facts

The events that sparked the hashtag #justiceforthefive started March 25th. We can’t let the story be forgotten or the truth covered up.

Here are the facts:

This tragic story happened in our nation's capital, Washington DC, where the infamous Dr. Cesare Santangelo performs late term abortions.

Several years ago, Santangelo was caught on tape saying he would not treat or help a baby born alive from an attempted abortion—which is both abhorrent and illegal.

Back in March at this infamous clinic, Lauren Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac, two leaders of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), were outside in protest. They saw boxes of medical waste with biohazard symbols on them being loaded onto a Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services truck.

Handy and Bukovinac stopped the driver of the vehicle and asked if he knew what he was taking. The driver said he didn’t, and after they explained that human fetuses could be the only explanation for the contents or “medical waste” being transported from an abortion clinic, he let them take a box.

Curtis Bay Medical waste services claim that this never happened.

Bukovinac at a pro-life protest.

What did they find in the box? PAAU unpacked little blue containers each containing fetal remains of 110 babies (mostly 1st trimester); beneath these small containers were five much more developed pre-born infants, likely old enough to have survived outside the womb. The images and video footage are authentic; you can witness the disturbing evidence here.

With the help of medical experts, Live Action speculates both the gestational ages and the ways these babies were brutally aborted—some of which are illegal, like partial birth abortion, and not aiding an infant if born alive. The details can be found here.

Calling the Police

Upon finding these five (that are surely not the only ones to have ever left the clinic), the pro-life activists wanted to break the story the best way in order to see justice served.

They contacted a lawyer, who contacted the police department. The goal was to have the five late-term aborted baby bodies investigated to determine if a partial birth abortion technique was used. With tangible evidence, the authorities had reason to investigate. The abortion clinic and Dr. Santangelo would surely need to be questioned, autopsies must be had, and action taken.

Sadly, that is not what happened. Just five days later, the two women were arrested for some peaceful, pro-life activism they engaged in two years prior.

What Happened Next—and, More Importantly, What Hasn’t Happened Yet

Since this story broke and the pictures have spread, many have pressed both the DC mayor and police chief to have autopsies done.

A letter signed by 23 Senators and 46 house representatives was sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging an investigation.

The Mayor finally issued a response merely saying that the pro-life activists should be investigated. Not the clinic where the late-term abortions took place, not the abortionist himself.

If finding evidence is not enough to spur action, who's to say this isn't happening all over the country quietly with no consequences? Horrific and illegal late-term abortions like this are not being investigated, even after obvious, visible, tangible evidence. The powers that be protect abortion at all cost and, even when illegal and brutal activity is found out at abortion clinics, it is the truth seekers who get blamed. 

The Media Spin

When Live Action broke the story with pictures of the five infants, mainstream media (which is, by-and-large, extremely pro-abortion) came out with stories not about the babies but about the “extreme” pro-life activists, with headlines emphasizing the fact that Handy had fetuses in her home.

The “tip” the DC police received about the discovery was from the activists themselves trying to get an investigation.

The news focused on the extreme anti-abortion tactics these activists have taken in the past rather than the current story of the infants found. While a lot of pro-life groups differ in how to protest and stand up against abortion, what matters in this story is the legality of what was discovered by these particular anti-abortion activists, despite them being less than conventional other times. 

The mainstream news couldn’t hide the story and seems to have tried to make the situation seem as strange as possible, keeping the focus on the activists rather than the late term aborted fetuses, which should be the main focus of the story. These fully developed infants' lives were so obviously taken in a brutal way through abortion. That is the cause for pause and investigation here; the fact that an activist obtained them as evidence is not worse or more shocking than the possibility of illegal partial birth abortions being commited in DC. 

Media has aimed to focus on the activists, which has left readers wondering why and how they had those fetuses and to what purpose. Comments online surrounding such news articles about the story sound very confused, as you may expect when the story is told omitting important facts.

This Buzzfeed article quotes the activist: “People will freak out when they hear.” This was said because she thought the evidence of the infants’ horrific demise would make people freak out, not the fact that she had them in her home. 

There are only two questions that matter in this entire story: Were these abortions done in an ilegal way? If they were done legally, how is it legal?

Not the First Time

Mainstream media shows no critical thinking, no curiosity, when it comes to exposing abortion in any kind of bad light. Society typically applauds brave activists and journalists for seeking truth and justice. Why not when it comes to defending the most vulnerable?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen journalists unjustly punished for revealing illegal abortion practices.

Similarly, in 2015, pro-life undercover journalist David Daleiden exposed Planned Parenthood for selling organs harvested from aborted babies. His video footage has been deemed authentic in court—but the result?

Instead of investigating and prosecuting Planned Parenthood for breaking the law, California law enforcement (led by then-California General Kamala Harris) raided Deleiden's home and pressed charges against him—despite having engaged in legal journalism.

Humanity for all, not just some

These five infants are proof of the awful reality of abortion and deserve to be cried over.

Pictures of the five are out there, and they are real. Look at them, and do not look away. Help them get the justice they deserve.

We have yet to see any kind of justice for the five. Senators, congressmen, and numerous citizens have urged the Mayor of DC and the chief medical examiner to conduct a full investigation.

This can’t be ignored. If you cry about the images spreading online showing recent attacks on Ukraine or the video of George Floyd’s death, I hope you look at these images and cry, too. If you hate seeing the footage of hardships immigrants face being detained at the border, consider, too, these infants.

Human rights violations come in many forms, but don’t dismiss a violation so atrocious as this just because you disagree on politics. Even if you like that abortion is legal, partial birth abortion violates the law, and you should care that the evidence suggests just that. Don’t let political disagreements get in the way of standing up for what’s right. 

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