Help Wanted - Winter 2022

  • Jessica Spackman
  • 03/11/2022

There's never been a better time to get involved with Pro-Life Utah. More local moms and babies than ever need our help now, and Pro-Life Utah is growing.

Find the position that's perfect for you!

Paid Positions

Pro-Life Utah has a few paid positions available at our Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Clinic:

Client Advocates

Client advocates accompany clients to their ultrasound appointments in the mobile clinic. With training as sidewalk advocates, they also stand outside the clinic to invite women to a walk-in appointment. They compassionately offer support and counsel to each client as they move from the sidewalk, into and through their appointment, and into their next steps.


Drivers transport the mobile clinic to and from its stations in front of abortion and abortion-referral facilities. With training as sidewalk advocates, they also stand outside the clinic to invite and welcome women to appointments.

For more information regarding paid positions, contact Mary Taylor at

Volunteer Positions

Community Life Warrior

This is a really great place to start if you're not sure where to go! These volunteers support Pro-Life Utah and the pro-life cause by verbally spreading the word and sharing content on social media that increases profile reach, rates awareness for events, and promotes an educated public. As appropriate, they assist with donation drives, Facebook fundraisers, etc.

Practically all of our volunteers can at least be a community life warrior, but there are many more needs on multiple teams within Pro-Life Utah:


Public Relations Coordinator

This person will organize and lead the public relations team in building relationships with media outlets and reporters, maintaining those relationships, and supporting media personnel at Pro-Life Utah events. They will also need to organize and store appropriate media contact information, as well as work with the marketing and communications director to strategize public relations for the organization.

Marketing Team Members

If you have experience in marketing strategy and execution, we'd love to have you join our marketing team to help with campaigns, flyers, advertisements, and more.

TikTok Video Creator

We're looking for a brave, current person to create and post TikTok videos for our social media team. This person will need to be reliable, good with video production, and not afraid of being on camera or the target of trolls on social media. As they will, in many ways, become the face for the organization, they must be willing to work with the social media coordinator to ensure they meet the right tone to represent the organization.

Graphic Design Volunteer

If you have skills with graphic design, you could help us meet various graphic design needs, such as flyers, posters, and other special projects.

Social Media Team Member

On the social media team, you could find a place creating and curating images, writing captions, managing DMs, creating videos, and/or engaging in the comments. We have needs for social media team members to help fill needs across multiple platforms and brands.

Writing Team Member

If you enjoy writing, we could use your help creating thoughtful, researched articles that raise awareness about what is happening locally and broadly in the fight and how others can help.


If you have videography experience and equipment, we'd love to have you join our ranks as a videographer. Multiple times a year, we are in need of high-quality video, such as for covering the March for Life or creating advertisements for the organization.

Pregnancy Choice Utah Teams

Pregnancy Choice Utah is the abortion intervention and family support wing of Pro-Life Utah. All of these positions will require some extra training that Pro-Life Utah will provide. They also will require you to work with compassion and confidentiality.

Women's Support Team Member

These special team members have the opportunity to work with women in crisis pregnancies one-on-one. This is a great way to tangibly and compassionately help women and their babies. As it involves helping an individual woman with her needs, it may require volunteering at different times and in different way from day to day.

Mobile Clinic Team Member

The mobile clinic offers free ultrasounds to abortion-minded women. Along with our paid positions (see above), there are other volunteer roles you might fit into at the clinic.

Sidewalk Advocate

These volunteers stand outside of abortion or abortion-referral clinics and meet with women who are headed into or out of appointments at those locations. It is a great opportunity to meet women right where they are and connect them with alternate resources that can bless them and impact their decision of whether they will choose life for their babies.

Baby Bank Team Member

To support new mothers and let them feel our love, these volunteers help arrange donation drives, sort donated items, and deliver these gifts to new mothers. Let us know which of these areas interests you most.

Other Programs

Small Events Team Members

If you like working on a project basis and are a good planner, this may be a fit for you. As a small events team member, you will plan, organize, and execute "small" events. These are events of small-moderate complexity, size, and logistics that occur throughout the year—for instance, the Peace in the Womb Christmas caroling event.

Post-Abortive Healing Team Leaders

This is a very special position that usually best held by a woman who understands the trauma that often comes with abortion. In this role, you would lead compassionate, effective abortion recovery support groups and offer connection and friendship to the women who attend.

Abortion Clinic Investigation Team Member

Part of what Pro-Life Utah does is investigate the goings-ons of Utah's abortion clinics, both to enhance mobile clinic/sidewalk advocacy efforts as well as to expose illegal or immoral activity of the abortion industry. These team members help discover and report key information about Utah abortion clinics.

Abortion Clinic Worker Outreach Coordinator/Team Member

We want abortion clinic workers to know that they are loved, that they have other work options, and that we are there to support them if they want to change careers. For this reason, we have volunteers mail personal messages, cards, and small gifts to those working at various clinics.

Community Action Team

If you are comfortable talking with people about the cause, we would love to have you run an information table at a convention or man a booth a festival. We want to bring this cause to the forefront of people's minds wherever they go.

Fundraising Team Member

If you want to apply your creative ideas to supporting the lives of Utah babies, consider running a fundraiser for Pro-Life Utah. There are many ways to do this, from yard sales, to pickle ball tournaments to donating services. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, let us know. We want to support you!

Getting Involved as a Volunteer

If you think one of these volunteer positions is for you, email She will help you get connected with the right place!

If you have other ideas of how you feel we can best utilize your talents and skills, or if you are a returning volunteer and want to get started again, you can also email Adi at

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