HB382 Abortion Modifications

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 02/15/2022

Link to the bill: https://le.utah.gov/~2022/bills/static/HB0382.html

HB 382 Abortion Modifications 

Bill Sponsors: 

Representative Kera Birkeland 

Senator Mike Kennedy

The goal: protect women considering abortion and provide them with greater information as they make that critical decision. 

Why do we need this bill? 

  • Utah does not currently have adequate mechanisms or penalties in its abortion law to protect women from sex traffickers, exploiters, abusive partners, etc. 
  • Utah women must take an informed consent module before getting an abortion; however, the law currently leaves room for abortion providers to fail to ensure (or prevent) that each women is taught the information. 

This bill adds the following protections: 

  • Designs the informed consent module so content cannot be skipped; 
  • Adds a unique identifier that can be tracked to confirm that each woman has received the information (and makes the instruction distribution data subject to audit); 
  • Adds a unique certificate to confirm that each woman completed the information module and prevents others from claiming they also watched. 

Some prosecuting attorneys refrain from taking protective action even with strong evidence.

  •     Giving the Utah State Attorney General enforcement authority will improve protections for women and babies.

Despite existing Utah law that a woman considering abortion may request a free ultrasound, many women don't know where to go to obtain one. 

  • This bill would require abortion providers to give written information about how a woman may obtain a free ultrasound, including a list of providers she can contact for that service (including Pregnancy Resource Centers, Pregnancy Choice Utah, or the State Health Department). 

Under current law, women often do not see ultrasounds with high-end imaging. With her baby's life and her own health at stake, each woman deserves the best information available.

  • This bill would add high-resolution videos showing an ultrasound at various stages, as well as include medically-accurate visual images of each type of abortion procedure. 

Medication-induced abortions are rising significantly and have significant side effects that the state of Utah needs to address. Easy access to these drugs has exploded. 

  • This bill adds information to the oral informed consent module, including the side effects of the drugs. 
  • It would require that this medication be prescribed by a doctor licensed in Utah and dispensed in person. This is crucial, given the serious side effects. 

Abortion reporting has been flawed and inadequate. 

  • This bill tightens reporting requirements, including reporting of complications. Having accurate data is critical to properly informing women and advising those responsible for regulating
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