Unexpected Pregnancy? We Are Here to Help!

  • Abigail Kime
  • 10/19/2021

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

It’s easy to feel alone when facing an unplanned pregnancy. The worry and uncertainty can be suffocating. Who will help you? Who will understand? Who can you trust?

But we don’t want you to endure this alone, and you don’t have to. 

Carrying a baby, even a baby that you did not plan for, is a remarkable journey. You have created a new life. The person inside of you is unique and full of wonderful possibilities. 

We want to serve and support you as you take this journey. You can do it, we promise. And these resources and people can help you on your way!

Pregnancy Centers

Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City

This PRC offers completely confidential services in a respectful and caring environment. The services are free and offered without pressure or guilt. 

Options counseling will give you the information you need to make informed decisions as you move forward in your pregnancy. Parenting Classes and Father Mentoring will give you the tools and confidence to succeed in your new role as a parent. In addition, the Center provides some medical services including pregnancy verification, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, and medical referrals. [1]

Castle County Pregnancy Resource Center

This Resource Center seeks to “foster a Christ-like view of human life and sexuality by offering hope and compassionate help, and enabling positive, life affirming choices.” Located in Price, Utah this center provides free pregnancy tests, peer counseling, parenting lessons, and material assistance. They can help answer any questions you may have about your pregnancy. [2]

Pro-Life Utah Resources

Life Grants

If you are in a difficult financial situation, you might feel like abortion is your only option. It is not! Pregnancy Choice Utah provides financial help to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Their Life Grant can help you pay for a housing deposit, tuition or childcare needed for your education, or baby supplies. 

Filling out this form is your first step: https://pregnancychoiceutah.org/life-grant-application.

Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic, staffed by licensed professionals, will provide you a free ultrasound, so you can see the miracle inside of you for yourself! It’s your baby, and you deserve to see them. Visit this website to schedule your free and confidential appointment: https://pregnancychoiceutah.org/home.

Women who accept the mobile clinic’s services may also accept Pro-Life Utah’s options counseling and ongoing pregnancy/parenting support—including possible financial assistance, career counseling, legal aid, and material support. With the information and resources provided by Pro-Life Utah, you can choose life and prosper in that decision. 

Pregnancy Choice Hotline

The Pregnancy Choice hotline is open 24/7 if you are looking for support and assistance in your unexpected pregnancy. Reaching out can lead to the best for you and your baby. There are people who have been in your shoes ready to talk with you and serve you, and that might be just what you need. [3]

You’ve Got This and We’ve Got You!

No matter your situation, there is hope and help. Your life and the life of your baby are precious and worthy of protection and care. Your journey is just beginning and the future is bright. You can do this and we can help!

If you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, we are here for you. Visit pregnancychoiceutah.org to see the resources that we offer. If you are able, please consider donating so we can continue the essential work of allowing women to see their babies.

Resources | Donate

1. https://www.pregnancyresource.net

2. https://www.castlecountryprc.org/about-us/our-center

3. https://pregnancychoiceutah.org/home

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