Abortion Workers Expose Industry's Disregard for Women's Health

  • Abigail Kime
  • 03/31/2021

The abortion industry claims to fight for “women’s healthcare.” They claim to care for women and champion themselves as a movement of compassion. 

But when we look beyond the catchphrases and look inside abortion clinics, an ugly truth is revealed. 

The health of women holds no value in the abortion industry.

Former Abortion Workers Expose the Truth

I recently spent some time reading through numerous first-hand accounts from former abortion workers who have left the abortion industry.

Many of the accounts began the same way, with women excited to start new jobs helping and guiding other women through difficulties. However, that excitement eventually faded as they each began to see things the abortion industry doesn’t want you or me to see. 

One woman described being told to administer narcotics that would jeopardize her nursing license. [1]

Another woman explained that her clinic gave her two weeks’ training for a sonogram certificate that usually took two years, then they instructed her to manipulate sonograms to make fetuses appear smaller. [2]

Yet another woman described her clinic’s desperation to perform as many abortions as possible with abortions “scheduled 10 minutes apart in three separate rooms with one doctor going back and forth to each room.”

She continued, “In the process, there were four incidents in just a few weeks while I was in the procedure room that I had to call the doctor back as parts of the babies had been left inside and the women were bleeding out. The doctor would run in to suction the patient with all the compassion of a person vacuuming under the cushions of a couch.” [3]

Is that what we call caring for women? Is this what we hold as our standard for healthcare?

The Abortion Industry Chooses Money and Prestige Over Women - Mayra’s Story

When given the choice between fixing these obvious violations of medical standards (and facing the consequences thereof) and covering up their horrific errors (and keeping their money and prestige), the abortion industry frequently chooses the latter. Mayra’s story shows this perfectly.

Mayra dreamed of working in the medical field and eventually worked her way through the ranks of Planned Parenthood. After much success, she found herself as the director of three clinics. One day, she had to stop a doctor who had just left an operating room. He had left the baby’s detached head inside the mother’s womb, and he responded with irritation when she turned him back to fix his carelessness.

She quickly discovered that this single doctor was responsible for 50% of all reported incidents in Arizona Planned Parenthoods. When she tried to expose him and hold him accountable, she was the one who was fired. [4]

The Abortion Industry Wants to Be in Your Life

These stories are a just a few of many I read illustrating the complete disregard the abortion industry carries for the life and healthcare of women.

Abortion itself is an act of disregard for human life. It is little wonder that this disregard for life floods all areas of the abortion industry from the babies to the mothers and even to their employees. The horrors of this industry are a direct reflection of what abortion is all about.

These stories prove that the dark deeds of the abortion industry matter for me and you. Their acts have begun to make commonplace the idea that life is disposable and bendable to our desires. This idea will flow from the abortion industry to every part of American life because, in the end, the abortion industry can’t survive without growing and reaching into each of our homes and our families.

This industry treats millions of our most vulnerable women carelessly. It destroys tens of millions of the most vulnerable lives. I don’t want this industry to touch your home or mine.

There is great hope. We know and so now we can act. We can vote differently. We can care for those facing unexpected pregnancies differently. We can speak about life and treat each person we meet differently. We can stop an industry that doesn't care for our sisters, daughters, mothers, and friends.

Our great hope is that each of us can support life and that our love for life will fill our homes, then cities, then states, and eventually our country.

Pro-Life Utah is actively working to protect women from the abortion industry. To do this, we support women in crisis, assist women post-abortion, and advocate for pro-life legislation. Please consider making a donation to support life and join the fight protecting women against the abortion industry. If you a woman in need of help, come to us!

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