Misconception Monday: Men Have No Say in the Abortion Issue

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 03/08/2021

Misconception: Men should not have any say in determining the rights of women (aka: abortion).

The abortion industry has done a masterful job of seizing upon the fact that an unborn child grows inside her mother in order to push men out of the discussion. Abortion is touted as a “woman’s right,” and as such, men are denied any place in determining the morality or legality of abortion. This is especially true when it comes to any legislation that threatens to impede on these “rights.”

This argument relies heavily on the premise that an unborn child is nothing but a “clump of cells,” similar to a cavity or a cancer growth and that, therefore, it is entirely up to the mother what she chooses to do with her child. However, the humanity of every unborn child from the moment of conception is indisputable, from the unique DNA blueprint to the appearance of limbs and organs within the first few weeks.

One of the greatest ironies of this misconception that men have no say in the abortion issue is that the landmark decision of Roe vs. Wade was decided entirely by men. Not a single female Justice sat on the Supreme Court when this ruling was handed down, yet, almost 50 years later, this decision continues to be the gold standard for abortion arguments.

“No uterus, no opinion” is another common battle cry for the pro-abortion movement designed to push men away. However, the gender of legislators and judges never has bearing on the morality of the laws they make or cases they rule on. A uterus is required to become pregnant, but it is not a moral compass—nor would it make sense to exclude women who have had a hysterectomy. Another glaring issues is that there are also many strong women in prominent legal and political positions who are passionately pro-life.

This misconception also fails to acknowledge that every child conceived has both a mother and a father. Even though the child does not grow inside the father, this does not make him any less of a parent than the mother. A father should have at least as much right as the mother in determining whether his child is allowed to live or die.

In a way, abortion is a woman’s issue. Approximately half of all babies aborted are girls. Since Roe vs. Wade, there have been about 63 million abortions in the United States—meaning over 30 million girls have been killed by abortion. There are 30 million girls who were never given a chance at life because of this “women’s right.”

However, abortion is just as much a man’s issue; over 30 million boys have died by the hand of abortion since 1973.  To exclude all men from the important discussion is either sexist or a front for the real intent of abortion advocates: to shut down anyone who disagrees with them, without actually defending their own argument.

Abortion hurts both men and women, boys and girls. We have resources to help you overcome: find healing after abortion, or find resources, counseling, and support as you bravely face an unexpected pregnancy. Check out our resources, or consider becoming a donor today.

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