When You Say “Pro-Choice,” You’re Really Saying “Pro-Abortion.” Here’s Why.

  • Koria Horrocks
  • 03/04/2021

The popular term, “pro-choice,” is not what it claims to be. In any argument, people carefully manipulate language to persuade. Using the term “choice” purposefully misdirects the argument. Just as a magician uses misdirection in a magic trick, the term “pro-choice” artfully hides the actual choice.

“Healthcare,” “reproductive rights,” and “choice” are all words abortion advocates use to avoid saying what they mean: “abortion.” That is where the deceit lies because it isn’t about a choice being made; it’s about abortion and what that is: actual lives being terminated.

The issue is whether abortion, the act of killing an unborn human, should be legal. The art of misdirection puts the focus on the woman making the choice, rather than the child she is choosing to terminate. A more truthful slogan stands in opposition to abortion: “A child, not a choice.”

The irony of pro-abortion advocates promoting “choice” as the real issue is that abortion strips a developing human of a lifetime of choices they can never make. The irreparable reality of the procedure and the permanent damage it inflicts is hidden behind promoting the right to "choose" it. 

When someone uses the term “choice” to make an argument for abortion, we must ask the question:

“The choice to do what?”

The choice they refer to is always abortion. Pro-life advocates support multiple choices for women: abstinence, adoption, and parenting. Being against abortion does not mean being against choices. Not all choices are moral, and not all choices are legal.

No one would call physical child abuse by a mother her “choice.” Our society would not celebrate a mother choosing to starve her child. The age and location of a child does not determine the right for that child to live.  

There are two main forms of abortion: the abortion pill and in-clinic abortions. The abortion pill starves the preborn child to death before expelling her from the womb; in-clinic abortions violently kills then forcibly removes the child from the womb, typically using powerful suction, tearing apart limbs, crushing the skull, and/or a poison injection. As a society, we cannot stand in favor of these abhorrent practices.

Let’s drop the term “pro-choice.” Individuals and organizations that promote abortion should be called: “pro-abortion.”

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