Misconception Monday: Safe, Legal, and Rare

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 03/01/2021

Misconception: Planned Parenthood (and other supporters of abortion) want abortion to be safe, legal and rare.

The goal of making abortion “safe, legal, and rare” has long been a repeated mantra of the abortion industry. However, this slogan is disingenuous and full of contradiction, and the industry is clearly not working to make abortions rare, as their business model depends upon performing as many abortions as possible. Although Planned Parenthood advertises that they provide prenatal care and adoption services, abortion is the core of their business. In 2019–2020, they performed 41 abortions for every prenatal service, and 133 abortions for every adoption referral. (This is according to their own data—but even these meager claims are highly disputable at best.)


The most blatant fallacy of this statement is the idea that any abortion can be considered “safe” for the unborn child who is killed. The goal of making abortion “safe” is obviously referencing the risks for the mother, such as heavy prolonged bleeding, fever, infection and a damaged uterus. But every successful abortion ends the life of an innocent human child in horrific fashion, and there is nothing safe about it for the baby.


The abortion industry is at least honest in their stated goal of ensuring abortion is legal. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are constantly working to expand legal access and increase public funding and support for abortion. Taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood increased to a record $618 million for 2019-2020, which equates to $1.7 million in tax dollars every single day. In many countries and US states, they are successfully inserting their sex education curriculum into public elementary schools, which eschews traditional Judeo-Christian values in favor of promiscuity as the norm and promotes abortion as a perfectly normal and acceptable form of birth control. The actions of these abortion giants show that there is no intention on their part to make abortions rare.


Although there has been a gradual decrease in the number of annual abortions since its peak in the 1970s, this does not make it rare by any stretch. Indeed, abortion remains the leading cause of death in America. Over 60 million abortions have been performed since 1973 in the United States—roughly 3,000 every single day, nearly double the next leading cause of death, heart disease. The trend has unfortunately been increasing again recently, as Planned Parenthood’s annual report for 2019–2020 shows an increase of 3% in total abortions over the previous year, for a total of 354,871. This amounts to 972 babies killed each day, or one every 89 seconds.

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