Misconception Monday: Stem Cell Research Makes Abortion Necessary

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 02/15/2021

Misconception: The abortion pill is a quick and easy solution.

Abortion advocates claim that the ability to use stem cells for medical research is an essential benefit of allowing abortions. Stem cell research is believed by many to have great potential in helping us better understand human development and to work towards cures for many types of diseases.

Although stem cell research may have great potential, this is not a justification for abortion. First of all, there is the obvious moral dilemma of intentionally ending one life in order to procure materials for research that may in turn help save other lives in the future. If the goal is preserving human life, the obvious first step would be to not intentionally end life in the first place.

But putting this dilemma aside, the other fallacy with this justification is that abortions are not the most reliable source of useful stem cells. The time frame for collecting useful cells for research is usually long past by the time a woman discovers she is pregnant.

Rather than end the life of an unborn child to collect stem cells, it is important to note that, after a normal delivery, the placenta can provide a plentiful source of useful stem cells, without any need to kill the child. Placental donations for this purpose are becoming more common.

While some research has been achieved by using cells from babies killed by abortion, there are better ways to get better results without needing to intentionally end the life of an innocent, tiny human.

Here at Pro-Life Utah, we do everything we can to not only provide accurate information regarding abortion, but we also empower women to choose life by providing physical and emotional resources. Consider becoming a donor, or find out more about our free resources for pregnant and post-abortive women and their families.

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