Misconception Monday: Clump of Cells

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 12/14/2020

Misconception: It's just a clump of cells.

Every abortion ends a human life. This grim reality is generally accepted in late-term abortions, but defenders of abortion downplay the humanity of the unborn child in particularly earlier stages of pregnancy by insisting it is not a “human” but a “clump of cells” or perhaps a “fetus.”

However, regardless of the stage or size of the developing life, it is, in fact, a human life. It is not a plant or an animal. It is not inert matter. It is thriving, developing, and growing every second. It is human, and it is alive.

Just because this new life is made up of a collection of individual cells does not diminish this reality. Every human being is ultimately just a collection of cells, whether they are in the womb or a grown adult. There is no minimum size requirement to be considered human. There is no magic moment during the course of a pregnancy in which a non-human clump of cells suddenly becomes human.

There is, however, that miraculous, irreversible moment of conception when a new human life is created which was not there before. A new DNA combination unique in all of human history and never to be repeated is brought to life. The genetic blueprint for every characteristic the baby will exhibit throughout its life is present from the very beginning. Limbs, eyes, and blood vessels start to form in the first few weeks.  A heartbeat can be detected by five weeks. The baby continuously kicks, shifts, and moves throughout its development to aid in muscle and skeletal development. It is independent and responds to external stimuli. 

Embryo, fetus, newborn, and toddler are all just various stages of a human life. Whatever word we use to describe them does not change their reality. Whether a pregnancy is aborted at one week or 30 weeks, the end result is the same. A future life full of friends and family, love and loss, happiness and heartache, and, possibly, generations of offspring are all wiped out in that moment. 

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