Misconception Monday: Abortion Empowers Women

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 11/02/2020

Misconception: Abortion empowers women

Typical businesses use marketing techniques to draw attention to the products or services they provide to their customers, but the abortion industry is not a typical business. The awful reality of the “service” they provide forces them to take a very unconventional approach to how they market themselves to the public.

The violent nature of what actually happens behind their closed doors is virtually never mentioned in any way by the abortion industry. They know that if the truth were told, more mothers would choose life instead of death, and their business would suffer.

Instead of focusing on the awful reality of abortion procedures, the industry has become very adept in their marketing techniques to hide, mislead and divert attention to other things.

One of the most prominent of these marketing messages is the idea that abortion is a bold and empowering choice for the modern woman. Hollywood and the media are saturated with messages of successful career women who made the choice to have an abortion, and we are told that if they had not done so their careers would have suffered. Their success is tied directly to the fact that they had an abortion.

Abortion is proudly proclaimed as a “woman’s right”, in the same vein that women were proud to earn the right to vote a century ago. Trendy messages such as “shout your abortion” make waves on social media to reinforce this message, even to young teens. The overarching theme is that it is a binary choice: a pregnant mother can only become a proud, modern, successful career woman if she has an abortion. She cannot simultaneously have a baby and a successful career.

But this narrative is nonsense.

The world is full of examples of wonderful mothers who were able to succeed in school, careers and whatever path in life they chose, even though they did not choose an abortion. And there are always adoption alternatives for those who are not ready to be a mother.

The pro-choice movement is based on fear and negativity—telling young mothers that they are not strong enough to achieve their dreams with a baby, while the pro-life message is just the opposite. We believe that women are strong enough to give life to their babies and follow their other dreams.

As far as the idea that abortion is something to proudly shout about, a voluminous body of data shows that many women suffer depression, regret, anxiety, and a host of other maladies after choosing an abortion. These symptoms are frequent enough to warrant its own medical diagnosis: “post-abortion grief.”

Thankfully, there are many wonderful resources available from pro-life groups to help women who may be suffering.

Are you in an unplanned pregnancy? Do you think you might be suffering from post-abortion grief? We’re here to help.

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