If Wombs had Windows: The Journey of Pro-Life Utah's Ultrasound Van

  • William Lawyer
  • 09/08/2020

In his book, Aborting America, Former abortionist turned pro-life advocate Dr. Bernard Nathanson once said, “Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.”

It’s not hard to imagine why, after seeing their child, many women would be less inclined to terminate. Being able to observe the humanity of the unborn firsthand is incredibly powerful, and there is very little that is more effective at illustrating the importance and reality of the child’s life. 

But wombs don’t have windows, and many women never have the opportunity to see their baby before they make their choice. Pro-life advocates have long done their best to rectify this, helping women access free of charge ultrasounds and other services, but it can be difficult to provide these services in convenient locations for those who are considering abortion.

To those of us at Pro-Life Utah, this needed to change, and we saw a way to do it through the acquisition and operation of a mobile ultrasound clinic. To have a van that could be taken wherever it was most needed and could be stocked with the equipment and resources we would need to provide services to women would be an absolute gamechanger for Utah.

After several months of planning, Pro-Life Utah managed to purchase a van from Riverside Life Services in California and coordinate a pickup of the van. On August 22nd, our board of Directors traveled there to obtain the vehicle, meeting with pro-life advocates in California to coordinate its purchase and pickup.

Departure of Pro-Life Utah Board of Directors for California.

After finalizing the purchase of the ultrasound van, members of Pro-Life Utah embarked on a long drive home from California to Utah in the vehicle, streaming some of the trip’s highlights on social media as they traversed the states. Meanwhile, members of Pro-Life Utah back home began campaigning to get the rest of the resources we needed to help get the vehicle out there in front of abortion providers where it can save lives.

Purchase of the ultrasound van by Mary Taylor, president of Pro-Life Utah

Although we have made enormous progress on getting our mobile clinic up and running over the last few weeks, we’re still a ways from being able to operate this van on the road. Before we can start helping women in need, we still need more money for the operation and maintenance of the van.

Most essentially, while the van came furnished with seating, a restroom, an exam table, and more, we do not have the key element needed to operate an ultrasound van yet, the ultrasound machine itself. In addition, we still need funding to hire an ultrasound technician and obtain the necessary equipment to make the clinic fully functional.

Interior of Pro-Life Utah’s ultrasound van

The pro-life movement is reliant on the donations and volunteer work of pro-life advocates like you to help us accomplish big things. It’s through your support that we are able to do the work we do out there to help prevent abortion, so please take a moment to consider donating to help us get our mobile clinic out there, on the road, saving lives.

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