SB174 Abortion Prohibition Amendments (Life Begins at Conception Act)

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 02/25/2020

SB174 Abortion Prohibition Amendments (Life at Conception) PASSED!

Final Votes:



SB174 Abortion Prohibition Amendments

Bill sponsor: Senator Dan McCay
Floor sponsor: 
Link to the bill:

This bill:

  • Recognizes the humanity of unborn babies & boldly states that all human life should be protected
  • Sets up Utah abortion law in the event that Roe v. Wade falls
  • Protects ALL babies from elective abortions at all gestational ages
  • Restores Utah abortion laws to protect the unborn as they were before the Roe v. Wade ruling 

Since Roe v. Wade, over 60 MILLION babies have been aborted across the U.S. In Utah, during the year 2017 alone, almost 3,000 unborn babies were aborted. We live in a culture where elective abortions are happening at an alarming rate. We must stand in defense of the defenseless. 

What does this bill do?

This bill recognizes the humanity of unborn babies and prohibits an abortion at any stage of a pregnant woman's pregnancyexcept under certain circumstances. The exceptions allowing an abortion are limited and must have verifiable proof. 

Will women be prosecuted for abortions?

No, the bill only provides penalties for a physician who performs an unlawful abortion. The penalty for the abortionist is a second degree felony. Appropriate corrective action, such as revoking an abortion clinic's license, could also be imposed.

When would this bill go into effect?

This bill has a contingency clause which states it will only take effect after a "court of binding authority has held that a state may prohibit the abortion of an unborn child at any time during the gestational period, subject to the exceptions enumerated in this bill". This means that it will take effect most likely in the case that Roe v. Wade falls. 

It also includes a superseding clause, which states that at the time this bill takes effect, any law in Utah code that conflicts will be replaced by the provisions in this bill.

Watch Senator McCay's speech about this bill at our 2020 March for Life event:

"Every child brings joy. And we know that every soul is divine in the eyes of God."

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