5 Ways Intermountain Healthcare Supports Utah Planned Parenthood

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 11/09/2019

 Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) is a well-respected system of medical facilities throughout Utah and Idaho. With 24 hospitals and a presence of 55 locations, IHC is a household name, and many Utah families and individuals use their providers and services for their health care needs. 

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of evidence showing just how closely intertwined Intermountain Healthcare is with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU). Planned Parenthood of Utah, an organization that readily admits to providing hormonal contraception to underage girls without parental consent (essentially helping them hide their sexual activity). Planned Parenthood of Utah, an organization that partners with the ACLU of Utah to help young women access “judicial bypass” (meaning that they guide them in how to navigate the legal process to secure an abortion without their parents’ knowing). Planned Parenthood of Utah, an organization that holds public sexual education classes with inappropriate (and inaccurate) information. And of course, Planned Parenthood of Utah, the leading state organization that kills human beings for profit through abortion. 


For pro-lifers in our state, we understand how disillusioning it is to learn the strong connection between IHC and PPAU. We also know that there are pro-lifers who are both employed by IHC and use them for healthcare. However, we feel a duty to expose the truth about what businesses and individuals enable Planned Parenthood. Watch the clip below to hear PP Utah President Karrie Galloway declare how IHC partners with her organization. 



(Not only does IHC partner with PPAU, but as confirmed in this clip, they also have providers actually perform abortions in certain cases)


Here are 5 specific ways that Intermountain Healthcare supports Planned Parenthood of Utah:


Intermountain Healthcare Donates to Planned Parenthood


Intermountain Healthcare supports Planned Parenthood financially. PPAU’s annual reports from the past few years show IHC in the highest donor bracket (called the “Margaret Sanger Circle”) of at least $5,000 a year (though likely much more). Here is a screenshot of their *2014 annual report, and here is the link to their 2013 annual report.

Intermountain Healthcare also financially supported the HER Salt Lake Initiative, a program that provided free contraceptives to participating Utah women at three Utah Planned Parenthood clinics from 2016-2017. Dr. David Turok, the main abortion performing doctor at PPAU, is a leading researcher and team member of the HER Initiative. The Intermountain Healthcare Community Care Foundation is listed as a partner on their website.

*Note: In 2014, legislation passed that permitted organizations to no longer publish their donors. Since that time, Planned Parenthood of Utah has not included the companies and individuals who support them financially in their annual reports. In other words, the fact that IHC does not appear in annual reports for more recent years is not an indication that they are no longer donors to PP. 

Intermountain Healthcare Has Opposed Pro-Life Legislation

A few months ago, Pro-Life Utah highlighted an opinion editorial written in the Salt Lake Tribune in which 30 Utah maternal fetal medicine specialists that opposed an 18 week ban. Of those 30 doctors, 23 of them are associated with Intermountain Healthcare. 

Earlier this year in the 2019 legislative session, two pro-life bills were proposed. HB 136 would ban elective abortions after 18 weeks gestation, while HB 166 would ban discriminatory abortions done for babies with Down Syndrome.

On February 20, 2019, Dr. Cara Heuser (who is a board member of Utah Planned Parenthood) addressed the House Judiciary committee and specifically said she spoke on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare in opposing HB 136. Listen to her comments below:

Other doctors associated with IHC (though not speaking on their behalf) who spoke out against HB 136 were Dr. Sean Esplin and Dr. Marcela Smid, who recounted to the legislature on March 7, 2019 how she performed an abortion of a baby at 19 weeks. Listen to her comments below:

For HB 166, Dr. Michelle Debbink spoke out against banning abortions for a Down Syndrome diagnosis. Though not officially representing them, Dr. Debbink does work for Intermountain.

It is truly horrific that such a major player in healthcare employs so many doctors who publicly speak on and off the record opposing bans on abortions in which babies are literally torn apart limb by limb with a sopher clamp.

Intermountain Healthcare's Website Refers to Planned Parenthood

Intermountain Healthcare advertises Planned Parenthood under the vague category of “Pregnancy” on their website. Pregnancy, of course, can include contraceptives, prenatal care (which PP Utah is on record saying they do NOT provide), and abortion. 

It is truly alarming that IHC advertises for an organization that performs close to 2,000 abortions a year. 

Intermountain Healthcare has had Planned Parenthood Events at their Facilities

A major part of Planned Parenthood’s marketing outreach is to hold sex education events where they engage teens, build a relationship, and normalize promiscuity, all to create a way for teens to come to them for birth control and eventually for abortion (this business model is confirmed by individuals like Abby Johnson and Monica Cline, both former PP employees). 

Here in Utah, Planned Parenthood has limited access to public schools, so they must find alternative ways to get their message out. One way is to hold classes on the weekend. And sadly, IHC has on occasion allowed them to hold them in their facilities. 


One example of this is the IN.clued class that was held at the Park City Hospital (part of IHC) last year. This is an event to engage LGBT teens and ultimately serve as a sales funnel to attract them to Planned Parenthood’s services. Here is a brief description of the class. With phrases like “instruction on how to access health services,” it’s clear that this is a not-so-subtle sales pitch for Planned Parenthood.

Intermountain Healthcare Leases Office Space to Planned Parenthood

There are currently 8 Planned Parenthood locations in Utah. The Metro facility performs the abortions, while the other 7 refer for abortions and hold the required informed consent class before a procedure. 

The Ogden Planned Parenthood location is just a few doors away from the McKay Dee Hospital (a major Intermountain Healthcare facility). A search of Weber County’s assessor website indicates that IHC owns the strip of land that includes PP. The screenshots below show this clearly:



This is strong evidence to suggest that IHC leases office space to Planned Parenthood, thus enabling their business operations. 

These undeniable connections between IHC and Planned Parenthood should be a clarion call to Utah pro-lifers to make their voices heard. We strongly oppose all violence and threats and condemn them in the harshest terms. We do ask that you contact Intermountain Healthcare and express your disappointment, then ask them to cut ties with Planned Parenthood. CEO Marc Harrison has stated that he would like to hear from families and individuals. Please consider contacting him here.




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