Planned Parenthood of Utah Invited Us To Join Them: Here's Our Response

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 07/23/2019

At the kick-off press conference introducing the Abortion Free Utah campaign (of which Pro-Life Utah is a part), chairwoman Merrilee Boyack issued a powerful invitation to Planned Parenthood Association of Utah to leave the state. In return, PPAU has issued an invitation of their own: CEO Karrie Galloway told news media that if Abortion Free Utah really wanted to reduce abortion, they should work with Planned Parenthood (instead of seeking to eliminate them), and a recent blog post on Planned Parenthood Action Council of Utah’s website even suggested that AFU should host a fundraiser to benefit their work. 

Here’s our response to Planned Parenthood of Utah:

  1. No, we’re not going to join you because your abortion numbers have been increasing since you began doing abortions in 2010 (here’s proof from your own annual reports). Additionally, your 2011 strategic plan “Planning For Our Future” specifically outlined expanding your abortion services to include 2nd trimester procedures as a development goal of yours (something you’ve now accomplished).

  2. No, we’re not going to join because contraception is not a catch-all to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Planned Parenthood repeats the idea that birth control is the ultimate way to reduce abortion ad nauseum, but statistical data shows it’s simply not true (as about half of abortions in America are performed on women who were using a form of contraception). Our own experience tells us this as well, as many of the women Pro-Life Utah has worked with became pregnant despite being on a form of birth control. Former executives such as whistleblower Abby Johnson have even gone so far to say that Planned Parenthood’s marketing strategy relies on this, as failed birth control means more opportunities to sell abortion to vulnerable women. 

  1. No, we’re not going to join you because your goal is to eliminate the influence of parents (in decisions about birth control and even abortion). Above is a clip where your marketing manager admits you provide contraception to minors without parental consent or notification (essentially helping them hide their sexual activity from them). And even though you often make the claim that you are here to assist parents, you opposed a 2006 law requiring parental consent for an abortion and NOW you’re teaming up with the ACLU of Utah in helping underage girls access “judicial bypass” (read: get an abortion without telling their parents).

  2. No, we’re not going to join you because you say comprehensive sexual education is key to preventing pregnancy but your version of sexual education is wildly out of step with our values. For example, in a class held last summer in a West Valley Library, one of your educators gave false information about PP’s services, said that a woman could impregnate another woman, and provided a workbook with scenarios including graphic descriptions of sex and masturbation (here’s more about the class). 

We will never join forces with an organization that benefits financially from abortion, that is required to perform abortion in order to operate, that undermines parents at every turn, and that has a radically different view of what constitutes healthy sexuality education than we do. 

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