These 30 Utah MFM Doctors Openly Support Abortion (Here's What You Can Do)

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 07/06/2019

Our culture is currently experiencing a sea change on the life issue, and in order for us to eliminate abortion, we must confront the medical community's role in perpetuating it.

Here in Utah, the 2019 law that changed the cut-off from 22 weeks to 18 weeks has many people talking, and those who support abortion (or "choice," as they will call it) aren't going quietly. 

Back in April, Cara Heuser, M.D., and Alexandra Eller, M.D. (both of whom sit on the board of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah) co-wrote an editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune decrying the law. The piece was a complete straw-man, as the so-called "exceptions" they lamented were permitted under the new legislation. Furthermore, their statement that "women who end a pregnancy after 18 weeks gestation in our community most often do so because of unexpected severe complications in a planned, desired pregnancy" is provably false: according to the 2017 Utah Abortion Statistical Report, there were 73 abortions performed on babies of 18 weeks LMP or greater. Per a data request to the Utah Health Department (as seen below), of these 73, 5 were listed as being for the life of the mother, while 20 were listed for fetal defects (both lethal and non-lethal). That means that 65% of the abortions were elective, NOT because of severe complications. 

Besides making false claims about the reasons for the majority of 18+ week abortions in Utah, the two primary authors cite their affiliation with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) as a way to bolster their credibility on the topic. Listen below as Dr. Donna Harrison, M.D. explains before an April 2019 Senate Judiciary Committee why ACOG is not an independent, unbiased scientific source, but instead openly admits to being a pro-abortion activist organization.

Aside from the lack of logic, unwillingness to honestly analyze the nuances of the law, and misleading claims of credibility (in addition to the horrific condoning of the violence of abortion), what was quite telling was how many practicing Utah maternal fetal medicine specialists co-signed the editorial. Here are their names:

Nancy C. Rose, M.D.
M. Sean Esplin, M.D.
D. Ware Branch, M.D.
G. Marc Jackson, M.D.
Douglas Richards, M.D.
T. Flint Porter, M.D.
Michelle Debbink, M.D.
Shannon Son, M.D.
Ashley Benson, M.D.
Jessica Page, M.D.
Ibrahim Hammad, M.D.
Martha Monson, M.D.
Julie Gainer, M.D.
Erin A. Clark, M.D.
Lauren Theilen, M.D.
Janice Byrne, M.D.
Heather Campbell, M.D.
Marcela Smid, M.D.
Torri Metz, M.D.
Brett Einerson, M.D.
Amy Sullivan, M.D.
Nathan Blue, M.D.
Glenn Schemmer, M.D.
Kurt Hales, M.D.
Robert Andres, M.D.
Rita Sharshiner, M.D.
Katherine Gesteland, M.D.
Andrew Spencer, M.D.

It is tragic that in our seemingly conservative state, many who work in the very field meant to fight for both mothers and their pre-born babies are so adamantly opposed to a law that prohibits the violent dismemberment of human beings in the womb. And the sad truth is that these 30 doctors are not the only ones in our state. As pro-life warrior Lila Rose said in a recent interview, "The medical community has been corrupted because of Roe vs. Wade."

What Pro-Lifers Can Do 

If you are pro-life and see the name of a doctor on this list who has provided pregnancy care for you, it is natural to feel some anxiety, sadness, confusion, or even anger (this is true for some members of the Pro-Life Utah team). How could someone who provided care for you and your baby think it should be legal to abort past 18 weeks? How can someone who specializes in high risk pregnancies, who have seen hundreds of ultrasounds and knows better than anyone about the humanity of the life in the womb think it’s acceptable to rip that child apart in the violent procedure of a dilation & extraction (D&E) abortion? It is a painful and terrifying reality, but things are not hopeless. Here are our suggestions about what to do next:

  1. Pray

The most important tool we have in this fight is prayer. We alone cannot defeat abortion nor can we convict someone’s heart. Pray for hearts and minds to be opened to truth and for conversion on the parts of these abortion-supporting Utah doctors.

  1. Write A Letter

Next, consider writing a letter to one (or more) providers on this list. As tempting as it is to express anger, keep in mind that outrage will not get you anywhere. If anything, it will make the doctor more convinced that he/she is in the right and you are merely a fanatic. You may consider thanking him/ her for the care provided in the pregnancy, then segueing into the editorial. Perhaps mention that you saw his/ her name and that you hope he/ she will reconsider the abortion issue and use his/ her talents to fight for the rights of ALL babies (no matter the difficult circumstances). It’s alright to express your disappointment, but try to keep the letter positive as well by encouraging the doctor to protect life.

  1. Have An In-Person Conversation 

This one is understandably more vulnerable and uncomfortable. If you ever have a chance to encounter this doctor again, be brave and take the opportunity to discuss the abortion issue. Former abortion doctor Anthony Levatino recalls how the seeds of his eventual conversion were planted by a pro-life patient who challenged him to stop performing abortions. Levatino says that doctors really do listen to their patients and consider what they have to say. You may not see their heart or mind change, but you can help create some constructive tension that down the road may lead them to a different perspective on abortion. 

  1. Choose To See A Different Provider

If you’re (understandably) not comfortable seeing a doctor who condones abortions (and perhaps even does them), choose a different provider. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find pro-life OBGYNs who won’t suggest or push abortion in difficult prenatal diagnoses (even though Guttmacher studies indicate that only a very small percentage of OBGYNs will actually do abortions). Part of our crusade is to embolden and empower pro-life doctors to speak up (despite a medical community that often encourages them to stay silent on the issue). 

As always, you MUST be peaceful and law-abiding should you choose to engage any of these Utah doctors in dialogue. Former abortion provider Dr. Kathi Aultman speaks of how her conversion came about because people she knew challenged her beliefs in a way that was loving. Pro-Life Utah strongly condemns harassment, intimidation, or violence of any kind (do not send angry Facebook messages, emails, etc.). We challenge our followers to pray for and carefully consider how to peacefully engage with these doctors.

(Baby at 20 weeks gestation; legal to abort in Utah) If you are a doctor or medical professional who currently or has ever been involved with performing abortions, we invite you to consider the inherent value of the human being in the womb, stop your current practice, advocacy, or condoning of abortion, and instead work to protect both mother and child. Click here for legal, financial, and emotional resources if you'd like to transition out of the abortion industry.
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