Pro Choice? Ask Yourself 3 Questions

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 06/03/2019

Pro Choice?  Ask Yourself 3 Questions

A young mother can’t pay her bills, and decides the solution is to kill her infant daughter.  Another mother is frustrated with the birth defects of her toddler, and wants to end his life.  Or perhaps a mother is ashamed that her teenage son was conceived in a rape, and wants him killed. 

For those who support abortion, all of these absurd notions suddenly become acceptable if the child in question is still in the womb.  Virtually any reason for abortion can be justified if the unborn child in the womb has no value or no right to life. But an honest answer to three very simple and direct questions should dispel anyone of this thinking:

Question 1: Is it wrong to intentionally end an innocent human life?

This is the easy one.  Yes it is wrong.  To get around this obvious truth, abortion advocates must focus their efforts on trying to dehumanize the unborn.  If it’s not human, if it’s not life, or if it has no value, then ultimately the reason for ending it should not matter.  

On the other hand, if the unborn is a human life, it has infinite value and worth, and none of these justifications for killing it are acceptable. 

Question 2: Is it life?

By a strict dictionary definition, “life” is defined as “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” 

An unborn child meets every facet of this definition.  At the moment of conception, genes from the mother and father come together to form a unique DNA combination never before seen in human history, and never to be seen again.  The blueprint for hair and eye color, gender, height, and every characteristic this person will exhibit is in place from the very beginning.  

Whereas the egg lied dormant only moments before conception, it now immediately begins an infinitely complex process of extremely rapid proliferation and differentiation. A heartbeat is present as early as five weeks, along with facial features and limbs.  Vital organs are present by week ten.  The baby is mobile and kicking by 15 weeks.  Everything changes at the moment of conception in a miraculous, irreversible creation of a new life.  

Scientists are always searching for signs of life throughout the universe.  Even the slightest hint of a microscopic amoeba on a distant planet would be universally greeted with exuberance as a definitive pronouncement of life.  Yet an unborn child in the womb is infinitely more complex and wonderous by comparison.  

Question 3: Is it Human?

If it is a life, then what kind of life is it?  It is not plant.  It is not animal.  How can it be anything other than a human life?  

Arguments that it is not human focus on the stage or size of the life.  “It’s too small”, or “it’s just a clump of cells”.  But if it is not human from the very beginning, at what point does it suddenly “become” human?  There is no minimum size requirement in order to be considered human.   There is no minimum number of cells in order to qualify as a human.  

Few would argue that the baby is not yet human moments before it is born.  But is it any less human at 8 months gestation?  Or 6 months? A newborn infant is much smaller than a toddler, and a toddler is much smaller than a teenager.  But relative size and future growth do not have any bearing on one’s humanity.  It is ridiculous to claim that a teenager is any less human than a grown adult, simply based on size. Likewise, it is completely illogical to suggest that an unborn child is not yet human simply because it is still growing.  

These three questions are very simple, direct and straightforward.  They are not intended to be complicated.  There may be many difficult and complicated situations in which abortion may seem like the answer.  But no matter the circumstances, no matter the difficulty, no matter the reason, every abortion ends a human life.  And ending an innocent human life is wrong. 

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