Utah State Senator Derek Kitchen Contradicts Himself on Abortion

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 05/06/2019

Derek Kitchen is a member of the Utah State Senate who recently scored 100% from Planned Parenthood of Utah for his voting record in the 2019 Legislative Session. As a Democrat and a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood, it's no surprise at all that Kitchen opposed the two pro-life bills this past year (both of which passed). What is surprising, however, is how clearly he revealed his hypocrisy on abortion in recent months. Here's how:

When debating HB 136 (which sought to restrict elective abortion in Utah to 18 weeks gestation or earlier), Kitchen brought up other ways he claimed would be more effective in reducing abortion. On March 13th, he retweeted Alliance for a Better Utah's paraphrase of his own words which read:

@derekkitchen says there are better ways to go about reducing the number of abortions, a goal that we all share, such as comprehensive sex education, increased funding for family planning, increased access to contraceptives, and others #utpol #utleg


Kitchen endorses the idea that reducing the number of abortions is a worthy pursuit and "a goal we all share." However, less than two months earlier, his Salt Lake City-based Lebanese restaurant "Laziz Kitchen" catered Planned Parenthood of Utah's Roe vs. Wade Celebration (here's the proof from his Twitter bio and also PP Utah's instagram post):


It defies logic to claim that reducing abortion is "a goal we all share" while having recently contributed to an event that literally celebrates abortion. Conversely, if there's nothing wrong with abortion (as many pro-choice advocates will claim), if it's a simple medical procedure or a woman exercising the right to her own body, then why should we all share the goal to reduce it?

Kitchen's stance is similar to many pro-choice politicians: they make predictable distractions from the issue of abortion itself by making vague gestures about contraception and comprehensive sex education. But the truth is that they do not care about reducing abortion and instead align themselves with organizations like Planned Parenthood that literally profit from it. 

We will continue to expose the faulty logic, deception, and conflict of interest of Planned Parenthood of Utah's major players as well as their political and financial backers.

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