“Why Utah Planned Parenthood Now Does Abortions” (It’s Not Why They Claim)

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 04/24/2019


Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU) has existed for almost 50 years but has only begun to provide abortions in the relatively recent past. While they’ve always been an outspoken champion of “reproductive rights” and have referred women to other abortion providers in the state, it wasn’t until 2011 that they opened Planned Parenthood Metro, the only currently-operating facility in Utah that does abortions in the second trimester. 

The question arises as to why PPAU finally began offering this “service.” Their executives give predictably inaccurate answers: in a podcast, CEO Karrie Galloway says that they began in order to assist other state providers with their management and medical training (comments start at 16:44). A recent Trib Talk with VP of Public Policy Heather Stringfellow gives an even more deceptive answer: the organization began doing abortions, she claims, because the Board of Directors made the decision;  with other facilities closing due to heavy state regulations, they didn’t want to “leave women out who needed access to healthcare” (comments begin at 20:40). 

As we’ve noted before, this is not the first time that Planned Parenthood has been less than honest in their talking points. The true reason that PPAU starting performing abortions is extremely simple: a corporate mandate. Let’s explain a bit further: 

Every Planned Parenthood clinic in the country is part of an affiliate, which operates under the direction of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). Planned Parenthood of Utah, which currently oversees 8 clinics in the state, is one of 54 affiliates in the US. Back in December 2010, PPFA announced a mandate that by 2013, all of their affiliates must include at least one abortion providing facility, thus disproving their talking point that they intend to make abortion “rare” (bottom of page 9). To demonstrate how serious they were about this mandate, consider that a South Texas affiliate refused to comply and thus had to resign as a member of the national organization. 

So back to our state: to put it simply, Planned Parenthood of Utah started providing abortions because they had to in order to stay in business. And the reason PPFA issued the mandate was likewise simple: money. 

As always, Planned Parenthood presents itself as a friend to women in need, but their true motives are corporate greed. Abortion (the exploitation of desperate women in crisis through violence against their children) is an extremely lucrative business. In the words of famous whistleblower and former PP director Abby Johnson, "don't let Planned Parenthood fool you into believing that they are fighting for women. They are simply fighting for money at the expense of every woman who walks in their door."