Utah Planned Parenthood Gave Minor an IUD: Her Father Speaks Out

  • Katherine Bright
  • 07/29/2022

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU) commits around 2,000 abortions every year (according to their own annual reports). They also actively subvert parental authority with regards to their children’s medical decisions.

Recently, a man reached out to Pro-Life Utah to tell us that his 16-year-old daughter got an IUD (intrauterine birth control device) from a PPAU clinic without his consent. He agreed to an anonymous interview to talk about his experience and help warn other families. In our conversation, we discuss the following:

  • Title X federal funding which allows Planned Parenthood a legal loophole to go around Utah state law and provide hormonal contraception to minors without parental consent 

  • Why it's dangerous to give a teenage girl birth control without parental consent (even if it could prevent pregnancy and/ or abortion)

  • How Planned Parenthood intentionally undermines parental authority concerning sexuality, birth control, and abortion for minors 

  • How former Planned Parenthood employees have exposed that their outreach to young people is a form of marketing to funnel customers to their business 

  • How giving contraception to minors without parental consent can enable sexual abuse

Note: As an organization, Pro-Life Utah does not take a stance on contraception. We do, however, realize that it is not a foolproof solution to prevent pregnancy (and thus avoid abortion), and we assert that parents should never be excluded from their children’s medical decisions.

Pro-Life Utah is a nonprofit organization that is the leading voice on pro-life issues in Utah. We also provide tangible support for pregnant mothers, offer healing for post-abortive families, and assist in local pro-life legislative efforts. Become a donor today to make all this possible, or learn more about how we help women by visiting our sister site.

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