A Letter to the Discouraged - Hope For Utah During Abortion Ban Freeze

  • Danielle Hatch
  • 07/21/2022

Dear Friend,

We are living the time that pro-life advocates having been praying for and working towards for over 50 years, but recently the undertone of my efforts has been one of discouragement. The joy and hope I felt the day Roe v Wade was overturned was quickly overtaken by feelings of frustration and anxiety; frustration at misinformation being shared as fact and anxiety at the swell of contention in my life and the lives of others. 

Then Judge Stone sided with Planned Parenthood, and Utah's life-saving abortion ban was put on hold. "How can they be so blind?" I cried to my husband. "How can they ignore the fact that they're sentencing thousands of innocent children to death?"

I don't know what I was expecting —I should have been prepared for this. I know all the standard pro-abortion arguments, and I know how to refute them. I know how divisive the issue is, and I've gotten hate for my stance on it before. But I never expected to feel so discouraged at a time when life is finally winning.

Then I realized—that's their goal.

Life is winning! Roe v Wade was overturned! Dozens of states are now actively recognizing and protecting children in the womb, and thousands of lives are being saved. Of course the abortion lobby wants us to feel overwhelmed and exhausted and discouraged. They're finding that they can't win by logic, reason, science, or morality.

The only course left to them is to wear us out and pressure us to give up. 

But I won't. 

What is my exhaustion when compared to the lives of the children I can save by continuing to make my voice heard? Isn't that a price I'm willing to pay? 

What is my frustration, when put in the context of the good it can inspire? Nothing truly great has ever happened in the world without being preceded and motivated by frustration in some form.

Why should I feel anxiety, when I know the facts and know my cause is just? As someone who has always avoided conflict at any cost, I'm learning that compassionately standing for the truth brings me inner peace, not bowing down to avoid disagreement. 

If you're like me, there have been plenty of chances in the past month to feel down and discouraged. But think about that word. Dis-couraged. Am I going to let anyone take away my courage in fighting for the lives of preborn children? 

Absolutely not.

Hold onto your courage. The future is still bright.


A Fellow Life-Lover

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