Post-Roe Rejoicing - 1000 Utahns Celebrate at Capitol Building

  • Lili Zamora
  • 07/06/2022

On July 2, 2022, a little over a thousand pro-lifers gathered at Utah’s State Capitol to celebrate the overturning of Roe v Wade and the beginning of the Utah Trigger Abortion Ban. Men, women, and children came out to show their support for life, and the hot July heat didn’t stop them!

Celebrating a New Era - Praise the Lord!

Along with partners Utah Eagle Forum and Abortion-Free Utah, Pro-Life Utah sponsored the event around the theme, “A New Era Is Born,” and the family-friendly program centered around celebration of the end of Roe and looking forward to both the hope and the work the future will bring.

Deanna Holland, Vice President of Pro Life Utah, began the rally with a powerful prayer, reminding everyone in attendance that neither the Dobbs v. Jackson decision nor Utah’s Trigger Bill could have been made possible without the workings of God. Although the law was quickly placed on a 14-day freeze, Holland assured the audience that she was confident elective abortion would very shortly be all but eradicated in Utah.

A small crowd of pro-abortion protestors across the lawn attempted to overpower our rally with chants, but they were easily overpowered by the microphones and joy on the other side. The program proceeded as planned. As the bagpiper played “Amazing Grace” and the audience sang along, the chanting became imperceptible.

Then Mary Taylor, President of Pro Life Utah, took to the mic to share some empowering words.


“Pro-life is synonymous with pro-women and pro-love.” Mary Taylor continued, “Now this is our opportunity to make sure that message is heard.” Mary Taylor then called the crowd to action, asking for donations that help Pro-Life Utah stay in the fight for unborn lives. She also urged the crowd not to engage with the pro-abort protestors and to simply show love with our presence.

Senator Dan McCay, the sponsor of the Utah Abortion Trigger Bill, shared words that reminded the crowd to show love to everyone, even those that don’t agree with us. “The people behind me [pro-abortion protestors] are still my friends despite the fact that they disagree with me.” Senator McCay continued, “I was not only commanded to agree with and love the people who agree with me. I was commanded to love all.”

He added that as we love others and move into this new era of life, that our love has to come with action if we truly want to help women and their babies. "We must do more to support life, to reach out to the hands that hang down, to lift our neighbors and to care for one another so that everyone feels like they have a home and that everyone feels like they belong. That is not a government's obligation, that is ours.”

Chloe Chandler from Students for Life reported on the increase of pro-life support on campuses in Utah, and Nathan Osmond offered a spectacular patriotic musical performance.

Representative Burgess Owens was also in attendance and spoke of the sanctity and value of every life. “We will get our country back to realizing that life is precious,” said Rep. Owens. “June 24th we became a more perfect people, because America prayed for 50 years for this day.

Thank You

Pro-Life Utah would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, who attended the Post-Roe Rally and Celebration. Thank you for never ceasing to fight for the unborn, for supporting moms financially and through prayer, and for helping Utah move forward to be an abortion free state.

We are so joyed to know that we have amazing supporters for life who are willing to speak out and show up in the fight for the unborn. Pro Life Utah cherishes every single person who has walked alongside us as we fundraised, marched, prayed, and helped so many mothers choose life.

The Work Has Just Begun

This is just the beginning. Pro-Life Utah is on a mission to help Utah’s mothers, save those babies, and change our culture. We desire for all women and families to know that pro-life is synonymous with pro-women and pro-love.

We are here to support women through their crisis pregnancies and show them the love they need to choose life. We must continue to be a voice for the voiceless and fight for what we know, in our souls, is right.

Pro-Life Utah knows that this fight for life is not over. We still have work to do in the communities of women and families who think abortion is their only option. If you feel you are being called to financially support the cause of Pro Life Utah, please don’t hesitate to donate. Even if it’s just a few dollars, we can make mountains move with your support. And please continue to pray for our volunteers in the pro-life fight for life and for the mothers and families who view abortion as their only option.

Pro Life Utah knows that there are so many hearts out there that need to hear our voices. We need you to make this possible. Consider becoming a donor or a volunteer today.

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