What Happens Next: The Post-Roe Pro-Life Movement

  • Danielle Hatch
  • 06/25/2022

Roe v Wade has finally joined Plessy v Ferguson and Dred Scot v Sandford in the “ash heap of history” [1], and the hearts of those who uphold the sanctity of life are full of gratitude and hope. But what happens now? Is this the end of the pro-life movement?

Definitely not. 

While there are many uncertainties about what the American abortion debate will look like going forward, one thing is crystal clear: you are needed now more than ever. Now is the time to stand firm in the defense of life. Now is the time to truly empower mothers in need, so they can stand tall and be grateful abortion wasn’t an option. Now is the time to show the world the depravity of abortion and the beauty of life and motherhood, so that every woman can confidently say, “abortion is something I don’t need and don’t want”.

Pro-life Utah

Our mission here at Pro-life Utah is “to provide women with the resources necessary to choose life or to provide healing and support for those emotionally wounded by abortion”. [2] We remain committed to that goal. 

With the Supreme Court’s historic decision, the issue of abortion is back in the hands of the states. This is a huge step forward, but it doesn’t mean our work will be any easier. Your support will be more essential than ever before as, together, we take on the new responsibility that the overturning of Roe has placed on us. 


Utah is one of many states with a trigger law, meaning that with the overturning of Roe v Wade, abortion is now outlawed in Utah with a few circumstantial exceptions [3]. This is great news, but it’s certain that abortion advocates are going to do everything they can to repeal this life-saving law.

Going forward, and especially in this November’s election cycle, it’s going to be absolutely vital to keep pro-life legistlators in office. You may not agree with them on every issue, but just remember that protecting vulnerable babies from the violence of abortion is one of the noblest things you can do with your vote.

The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Scorecard is a great tool to use in determining which candidates are willing to defend the preborn in law. You can also follow these links to reach out to current Utah state senators and representatives to remind them that the people they represent value every human life. Urge them to make protecting the right to life their highest priority!

Material Assistance

At least 40% of post-abortive women say that financial stress was a main factor in their decision [4], making it the most common reason women get abortions. That’s why pro-life organizations across the country (like ours) have stepped up to offer hope through financial and material support. Depending on the organization, this support can come in the form of safe housing, rent assistance, diapers, food, and child care, just to name a few examples. Many of the organizations provide support that is specific to a woman’s situation and needs.

Our Life Grants are an example of this kind of specific help. Expectant mothers who accept assistance through our Life Grant program are paired with a women’s support team member who supports them through the pregnancy and after. As they get to better know her needs, they establish a plan with her of how to allocate the Life Grant funds in a way that will best meet those needs. If you or someone you know is considering abortion because of financial stress, please reach out to use through our sister site, www.pregnancychoiceutah.org

Below are links to several other trusted organizations that provide financial and other material assistance to expecting mothers in need. Consider donating, getting involved, or sharing these resources with women you know:

Emotional Support

Pregnancy can be a stressful and scary time, even when planned. Many women experience increased anxiety due to fear of physical complications, fear of labor and delivery, morning sickness, concerns about parenting, difficult decisions about careers, etc. Add in changing pregnancy hormones, and it can all be quite overwhelming. 

Then consider the extra weight of an unplanned pregnancy; there hasn’t been any emotional preparation, the partner may not be supportive, and the woman probably doesn’t feel ready to parent this new child. Even with financial assistance, these emotional factors can feel crushing. 

Pro-Life Utah recognizes the importance of emotional support and is commited to being there for the women we serve. If you’re considering abortion because of similar overwhelming emotional factors, go to Pregnancy Choice Utah to get connected with a member of our support team, who is ready to listen, lift, and love.

If you consider yourself pro-life, one of the most important things you can do is love and support the expecting and postpartum women in your circle. Choosing life is so very worth it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy—do what you can to make it a little easier. 

Culture Change

Regardless of the laws in place, we can save lives by fostering a culture of life. By bringing to light the violence of abortion and beauty of life and motherhood, we can each make a difference. 

Abortion is horrific and should be unthinkable, but many are simply uninformed as to the details of what actually happens in the procedure. Evidence suggests that when people understand what an abortion entails, their stance on when and why it should be available often changes. For example, the organization Live Action recently surveyed Americans on abortion before and after showing them abortion procedure videos. They reported that after watching the videos, 46% of women who identified as pro-choice viewed abortion more negatively. Additionally, they reported that “the percentage of survey respondents who selected ‘Abortion should never be allowed’ went from 25% to 46%, an 84% increase” [5]. By sharing these videos, you can change people’s minds on abortion.

Even more important than showing the sickening reality of the abortion procedure, though, is highlighting the joy of motherhood. In our society, it seems that being a mother is no longer enough; even women who love being mothers often slip into the habit of saying that they’re “just a mom”. This isn’t to say we need to sugarcoat the difficulties of parenting, but if we want to create a world where motherhood is seen as something to aspire to instead of fear, we need to have a more positive and confident approach. 

We need to create a culture that recognizes and values every child’s life, regardless of their stage of development. By educating ourselves about the details of human development and sharing that information with others, we can help them see the humanity of preborn children. By standing as a compassionate but unflinching voice for the voiceless, we will show the world the wonder of human life and inspire action to protect it.

You Are Needed, Now More Than Ever

The overturning of Roe v Wade is a major victory, but it absolutely doesn’t mean the work of defending the preborn will be getting easier from here on out. Now is the time to come together like never before in fighting for their right to life. Now is the time to bolster up expecting mothers, show them how wonderful motherhood can be, and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. And now is when we need you—because, believe it or not, your unique involvement just might save a child’s life. 

Start today to make a difference, right here in Utah. Consider becoming a donor or volunteering with us.

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