More Than a Kidney Bean: Pro-Life Utah’s Fetal Models Bring Babies to Life

  • Danielle Hatch
  • 06/15/2022

“Notification Alert: Congratulations! Your baby is about the size of a kidney bean!”

You may have heard of pregnant friends or family members using apps that give weekly updates about the size of their baby as compared to a fruit or vegetable. You may have even used one yourself!

While such apps and websites can be a fun way to visualize the size of your little one, they can’t even begin to compete with an exciting resource available in the Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Ultrasound Clinic.

Picture This

A woman walks toward an abortion clinic for her appointment. She feels very nervous and uncomfortable with the idea of getting an abortion, but she just can’t have a baby right now. Abortion seems like the only way out.

As she nears the building, she's approached by two women from the pink and white van that's parked on the side of the road. They strike up a conversation with her, and she learns that they do free ultrasounds inside their mobile clinic. She hesitates at first, but something—maybe secret hope?—persuades her to try it out. After seeing the black and white image of her surprisingly active little baby on the screen, she’s suddenly much more attached to her baby and much less motivated to get to her abortion appointment.

But then comes the dealbreaker; she gets to hold a life-size model of her developing child in her hands. Looking at the tiny body, the perfect fingers and toes, her fear instantly starts to turn into love.

The Goal

This scenario is exactly what the Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Ultrasound Clinic prepares for, and those who run it consider its set of fetal models to be a powerful visual. According to Suzanne Mann, the clinic manager, many women who are clearly abortion-minded as they enter the mobile clinic have an undeniable change of heart while handling the fetal models.

She called it "a reality check” that helps the women realize, "this is a real baby inside me". Because of this eye-opening effect, she said the models are very valuable in helping the mothers recognize the humanity of their developing child and leave the clinic thinking, "I love my baby". 

The Models

The life-sized fetal models inside Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Clinic are realistic in more ways than just size. The models, which range from 8 to 30 weeks gestation, are also the approximate weight of a real fetus at that age and are made of a soft rubber-like material.

As the mother holds the model that corresponds with how far along she is in the pregnancy, she experiences a very realistic example of what holding her own child right at that moment would feel like.

The Life-Sized Babies Bring Real Babies Alive

When a woman understands the humanity of the tiny child within her, her heart is forever changed. Thanks to the Pregnancy Choice Utah team, these fetal models are bringing that humanity to light in a very tangible way, and, as a result, children’s lives are being saved.

The Mobile Ultrasound Clinic is a critical tool in ProLife Utah’s life-saving mission. But it isn’t cheap! Please consider donating here to support the clinic and the women and babies it serves. 

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