Pro-Life Utah: Empowering You to Choose Life

  • Lili Zamora
  • 05/28/2022

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and considering abortion, we’re here for you.

We recognize that you (like every mother) need support through all the ups and down within pregnancy and after birth. The nine months that you carry your child can be very stressful for you and possibly your family.

Many stressors include lack of (or any) support from friends and family, financial struggles, feeling insecure about your ability to be a parent, and more. You desire someone in your corner cheering you on, someone who is there when things are not going how you planned. We are happy to be that person for you.

Pro-Life Utah wants to reduce or remove as many stressors much as we can that led you to believe abortion was your only option.

Here at Pro-Life Utah, we give you prenatal and postnatal support and resources—all for free.

We Build a Foundation with You

When our sidewalk advocate volunteers encounter you on the sidewalk walking into a clinic to have an abortion, they make it their mission to do everything they can to help and aid you to choose life. We recognize that each mother is different and may have different needs or concerns.  We recognize you and every mother are not the same. You, like many others, may think abortion was the only solution to the various problems you may face with an unplanned pregnancy.

We don’t mold you to fit into a box; we meet and love you right where you are. We walk with you as we help you explore all your options and make a choice that’s best for you and your baby.

Prenatal Support from Pro-Life Utah 

Many mothers encounter our Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Clinic, typically parked outside of a Planned Parenthood location in Salt Lake, and accept a free walk-in ultrasound and/or pregnancy test. You can also make an appointment ahead of time.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see your baby before you decide to have an abortion procedure. These ultrasounds are confidential and performed by a certified sonographer (under the direction of an OBGYN).

At the end of the ultrasound, you have the opportunity to sit down and discuss your options with a compassionate client advocate. Our goal for those meetings after the ultrasound are to get to know your life and situation more deeply. We yearn to build a solid relationship with you and/or your family and to learn how to best support you in your life.

Pictured above: Pro-Life Utah’s Mobile Ultrasound Clinic

Then, we help you apply for our Life Grant Program. If you are accepted (and most of our applicants are), you are immediately paired with a women’s support team member. This is a person who is there to walk alongside you through your pregnancy and beyond.

The Life Grant Team will also help you access the appropriate help for your situation.

If you need rent assistance, we help you with that. If you need baby supplies, we deliver them to you. If you need help paying for daycare for your other children, we help cover those costs. If you want a baby shower but no one to host it, we will throw you a baby shower. If you need a job, we help you gain the skills and/or connections to find better employment.

Pictured above: Gifts at a Pro-Life Utah baby shower

Postnatal Support from Pro-Life Utah 

We recognize that struggles and worries don’t go away when your baby is born. We are still there for you after the birth. We don’t simply push you to the side once the baby is out of the womb; we are in your life supporting you through it all, if that is what will help you succeed in choosing life. 

If you need additional baby supplies, financial help, or emotional support after giving birth, we’re there for you. Pro-Life Utah will continue to reach out and offer support you and your baby need, sometimes long after your baby is born.

Pro-Life Utah Empowers Women

Pro-Life Utah’s ultimate goal is to support women in choosing life. Pro-Life Utah believes you should be empowered to choose life for yourself and your baby. You should never feel pressure to choose between finances, jobs, school, etc. and your baby. We firmly believe you can achieve your dreams without having an abortion.

Women, (and that means you!), are strong and can do amazing things. You can choose life for you and your baby. We believe in you. You can, too!

If you or someone you know needs support to choose life, reach out to us on our sister site, If you would like to be a part of our efforts here at Pro-Life Utah, please consider becoming a donor or looking into how else you can get involved. 

Pregnancy Choice Utah | Donate | Get Involved

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