Why I Am Pro-Life: Lili

  • Lili Zamora
  • 01/11/2022

Photo by Sincerely Media via Unsplash

I’ve always known that abortion, the killing of an unborn child, was wrong. I’m the third of six kids in my family. I was blessed with being there for the following three births of my siblings. The next three times my mother became pregnant after me, I was always taught life began at conception. I grew up seeing my mother’s stomach grow little by little as life grew inside her womb. Each time I saw a new life—my sibling—come into this world, it affirmed to me that life in the womb is precious and should be protected.

It wasn’t until I attended my first March For Life in Dallas, Texas, in 2018 that I became passionately outspoken about being pro-life. I was alongside thousands of individuals, many of whom were women, who understood that life began at conception and deserved to be fought for. Through my first March for Life, I realized that I would not be alone in the fight for the preborn, and that there was plenty of work to do. I realized, above everything else, that I was being called to be a voice for the 2,363 babies who are aborted every day in America alone in the name of “reproductive justice.” [1] 

After the March for Life in 2018, I took it upon myself to research more facts about the narrative surrounding abortion and abortion procedures. I wanted to learn how I could be useful in the fight for the lives lost and affected due to abortion. From having learned why women felt the need to get abortions to the actual procedure of an abortion, I quickly realized how evil abortion truly is. 

Women have felt the need to resort to abortion for many reasons, but I want to remind that struggling woman that an unexpected pregnancy does not mean that you are forfeiting any of the dreams you have. Thankfully, the Pro-Life community offers numerous resources that will give mothers and fathers the financial support they need to choose life. [2] Women have been lied to. Mothers and fathers are sold lies that hide behind the words “rights,” “healthcare,” and the phrase “my body, my choice.” Human rights apply to every living human, including the ones in the womb. Real healthcare does not intentionally destroy innocent life. The abortion industry lies to women by saying that abortion is their only option. 

Abortion completely ignores the root of the problem while ending any possibilities for a baby to have a chance at life. The abortion industry and pro-abortion activists have failed to address the core reasons of WHY women resort to abortion. Perhaps they needed a solid support system. Maybe they needed to simply hear their baby’s heartbeat to accept their new role of motherhood. Or maybe they needed someone who would help them recognize they did have the strength to choose life.  The woman who felt as though abortion was her only option needs healing, love, and mercy. When women go into abortion clinics, they are not offered the compassion or tools they need to help them choose life. The clinic workers and abortionists fail to truly see that the women who are going to their clinics need tender outreach. These women do not need to add violence to their wounds. The abortion industry is a disservice to all the women who feel lost after finding out they are pregnant. Women are being exploited, manipulated, and coerced all over the world at the cost of their children’s lives. They deserve real love and support, and so do their children.

Abortion procedures are absolutely inhumane. Upon watching videos of Dr. Anthony Levatino, a practicing Obsetrician-Gynecologist, explaining the specific process of abortion, I learned that abortion includes torn apart baby limbs and the cracking of a baby’s skull. In addition, other methods of abortion include forced miscarriages and suction of the baby’s body parts. Once I learned about all of the lies and evil acts that surround abortion, I could no longer stay quiet on this human rights issue. Beyond the countless number of children abortion has killed, abortion procedures adversely affect women. Dr. Levatino also explains in his video that women who receive abortions are likely to be faced with negative health risks and obstacles. Abortion causes trauma and injury to the women’s cervix which could give the woman many complications down the road. [3] How can someone know the horrors of abortion and choose to stay quiet? 

Planned Parenthood harvests baby organs. [4] There are countless lies forced on women and parents in regards to abortion. This procedure has killed 60,000,000 babies in less than 50 years. [5] I cannot stay quiet while these evils are happening every single day. Women, fathers, and their babies deserve better. Women deserve to know they are fully capable of living an amazing life if they choose to embrace their role of motherhood. Fathers deserve to be able to confidently step into their role of fatherhood. And babies deserve to be advocated for as they are being violently killed every single day. This is why I am pro-life. I cannot choose to be silent on a human rights issue that is so loud in our society. 

Join Pro-Life Utah and keynote speaker Nick Vujicic for our annual March for Life! The March will be held on January 22, 2022 at 11 AM at the Utah State Capitol. This event has inspired many pro-life advocates, including a number of our own, to participate in activism that has made our own lives, as well as the lives of numerous women and children, better. This is an event you don’t want to miss! More information and updates can be found at march4life utah.org.

Pro-Life Utah is active in influencing pro-life legislation in the state of Utah, as well as offering numerous financial and practical resources to women with unexpected pregnancies. If you are struggling with an unexpected pregnancy, we are here for you. Visit pregnancychoiceutah.org to see the resources that we offer. If you are able, please consider donating so we can continue in our legislative work and support for women.

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