Why I Am Pro-Life: Miray

  • Miray Weeks
  • 11/04/2021

Five years ago, if you had asked me whether or not I thought women should be allowed to have abortions, I would probably get fired up and reply with a cliche pro-abortion argument: “Even if I would never get an abortion, who am I to tell someone else they can’t?” How careless I was back then! How naive I was. 

Through the years, I have matured in my worldview and come to believe there is such a thing as “objective morality.” This means there are some issues which simply don’t have a gray area—there is a right action and there is a wrong action. One of the things that falls under this “always wrong” category is the avoidable, intentional killing of innocent children. 

The issue of legislating abortion has been a divisive one. Abortion activists will claim that “Abortion is healthcare” and use slogans like, “My body, my choice.” They will chant, “Get your theology off my biology” and “Every child a wanted child.” Every single one of these bumper sticker slogans misses the point completely. This is not an issue of theology or wantedness. This is not an issue of healthcare or freedom of choice. This is an issue of life or death—and no, I am not being dramatic.

The way that this issue was simplified for me was by realizing that none of these questions matter as long as this one question is answered: is an unborn child—also called a zygote, embryo, or fetus, depending on their stage of development—a person? If they are, then at what point, if any, is it permissible to kill an innocent person?

Junior high-level biology textbooks show us what each stage of fetal development looks like. To claim that a fetus is not a person only when their existence is unexpected, then simultaneously mourn the loss of a baby via miscarriage when they are wanted, is inconsistent. Where is the line? If a child is not considered a person the day before he is born, but considered an infant after he has entered the outside world via childbirth, what would prevent the abortion if that child had stayed in his mother’s womb just one day more? Does the birth canal magically confer personhood? Even as a newly-born infant, that child cannot survive on his own. He is completely dependent on his mother for nourishment, warmth, safety, and his entire well-being. If left alone, he would die, therefore disqualifying any argument about the definition of a person being anyone who’s able to be self-sufficient (not to mention the elderly and people with disabilities). 

Examining any pro-choice argument brings endless inconsistencies like this to light. It was the logical jumble of it all that finally helped me realize that there simply was no gray area about it—fetuses are innocent people who deserve to live. End of story.

Abortion—the intentional killing of an innocent preborn person—is immoral and unnecessary. 

My passions in life all center on better care for women, families, and children. But the fact is that this issue is the most important. Thousands are killed by abortion every day. Everything else will suffer if we continue to stand by and do nothing, too afraid of ridicule and name-calling to defend the defenseless. 

That is why I am pro-life.

Three ways YOU can get involved

According to Let Them Live, 73% of women get abortions because of financial burdens. [2] Any amount contributed makes a difference! Consider donating to organizations like Pro-Life Utah so we can alleviate the financial burdens of mothers and provide needed pregnancy and childcare supplies.

Volunteer with us! Pro-Life Utah is always looking for more people who can join our team and assist us in our fight to end abortion and serve mothers and their children. We would love to have you join us in our efforts.

Follow us on social media and share our content! We share informative and inspirational content on our social media pages, and we need your help in getting this information to women who may be in need of our services and support. One share could save a life and change others.

Are you struggling?

If you are pregnant and struggling, you are not alone! We love you, we support you, and we will do whatever we can to help you and your baby not only live, but thrive. Call our hotline and we will provide compassionate care for you.

If you are a woman struggling after abortion, there is forgiveness, healing, and joy for you and we want to help you find it. Please visit utahabortionhealing.org to find resources and loving advocates who will help you find peace and joy.

We have an overwhelming love for you and want to serve you. Please reach out to us for support.


We at Pro-Life Utah are passionate about ending abortion, and we want to help you get involved. For too long, society has convinced women that we need abortion to achieve equality and succeed in life. But we don’t. Women deserve better than abortion, and we need your help in creating a life-affirming culture in America and in Utah through legislation, outreach efforts, and support. Please contact us if you are interested in activism. We need everyone we can get in this fight.

Pro-Life Utah works to protect women and children from the harmful effects of abortion. In our efforts, we support pregnant women in crisis, assist women post-abortion, and advocate for pro-life legislation. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue in our life-saving advocacy.

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