Satanists to Protest in Utah, Claiming Abortion as a “Religious Right”

  • Jessica Spackman
  • 09/19/2021

Photo by Zac Nielson on Unsplash

For years, The Satanic Temple (TST) across the United States has advocated for unrestricted access to abortion, claiming abortion as an important religious tenet, an expression of religious freedom, and protected under the First Amendment.

The recent Texas Heartbeat Bill has again stirred up Satanists, leading to headlines like this one: “Why Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas’s abortion bill.” [1]

Now, TST has chosen the Utah State Capitol Building as its destination of choice to plan a key protest. It’s been in the works since 2019, but because of COVID, it is just now coming to fruition.

September 25, 2021, Satanists from across the country are coming right to the heart of our own beloved state of Utah. [2]

Isn’t This Just a Typical Religious Argument?

Admittedly, many pro-life individuals are Christian and view abortion as a serious sin. These individuals have typically been most vocal in opposing TST’s efforts, asserting things like: “Pro-choice Christians, don’t you see whose side you’re on?”

However, you don’t have to be religious to stand against TST and their Religious Reproductive Rights (RRR) agenda. [3] Case in point: Pro-Life Utah, as a non-profit organization with no particular religious stance, stands against them because we are interested in combatting any force that attempts to increase, moralize, or legalize abortion here in Utah.

This isn’t a matter of religious disagreement. This isn’t a matter of religious rights. This is a matter of saving lives. This is a matter of legal responsibility.

Just because somebody claims it is their religious right to kill somebody else doesn’t mean we give them legal exemption to do so. The same goes for any other crime—but especially for the crimes that hurt or kill another person.

What Exactly Is the Threat?

Here in Utah, abortion is illegal after viability* with exceptions, and a woman must receive informed consent materials and wait a 72-hour waiting period before getting an abortion. [4] 

Besides fighting alongside the pro-abortion crowd to remove all gestational limits on abortion, Satanists’ RRR agenda seeks legal religious exemption from abortion laws to bypass practically all legal restrictions surrounding abortion.

In Utah, that would mean bypassing at the very least any informed consent or waiting period requirements. In other words, if a person claimed membership in TST, they could simply skip over any informed consent, waiting period, and potentially other restrictions around getting an abortion.

Although we would certainly prefer for abortion to become illegal entirely, laws such as our informed consent laws have passed because they are so obviously beneficial for not only reducing abortion numbers but also for each mother. For example, abortion procedures come with other health risks that is it only right that a woman know about beforehand. [5] Plus, so many women regret their abortions and struggle emotionally for years later; giving them time to consider their choice may help them avoid a choice they’ll regret.

If TST succeeds in gaining religious exemption from even these reasonable limitations on abortion, the result would not only likely be more Utah women suffering from physical and emotional scars. More importantly, it would likely result in more babies killed.

*The line of viability is always changing. Even now, Planned Parenthood in Utah performs abortions up to 22 weeks—but just this summer, a baby born at 21 weeks just turned one year old. [6]

What Can You Do?

Personally, writing this fired me up. I am a Christian woman, and my soul quivers at this blatant affront against both God and the lives of my dear unborn brothers and sisters. I want to do something!

Regardless of your religious standing, I hope you too feel the motivation to stand up for truth, for morality, and for the smallest among us.

Here are 3 ways you can make a difference:

  • Share this article. Share it on Facebook, send it in a DM—heck, get old school and email it to your friends.

  • Contact your congresspeople. Let them know where you, their constituent, stand on this issue and how you want them to respond.

  • Join a counter-protest of your choice. Please always protest peacefully.

    • Join other concerned Utah citizens at a counter-protest at 1:30 on the plaza east of the main Capitol steps (in the area indicated in red in the map below). Please bring a sign (with respectful pro-life messaging). You can message Deanna for further questions or details: *Update: This event has been merged with the Utah Patriot's counter-protest, which will be at the same time and general location. See image below.

  • The Rosary of Reparation, a Catholic group, is planning a rosary rally of reparation. If you would prefer to join them in peaceful prayer instead of protest more traditionally, meet them there. (See image for details.)

And as a bonus idea, get the 2022 Utah March for Life on your calendar: January 22, 2022! Save the date now so you can join us. With this peaceful and powerful protest, we can prove to our legislators and to the world that Utah wants to protect our babies—not protect the “right” to kill them.

Pro-Life Utah works to protect women and children from the harmful effects of abortion. In our efforts, we support women in crisis, assist women post-abortion, and advocate for pro-life legislation. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue in our life-saving advocacy. 

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