New Pregnancy Resource Open in American Fork!

  • Koria Horrocks
  • 08/30/2021


On July 31st, a grand opening was held in American Fork for a new pregnancy resource center. Utah County has been very underserved in this area, and the people behind the scenes of this new center have been trying to open doors here for four years. There are eight resource centers now in the state of Utah, with two being smaller and non-medical facilities. This American Fork office offers many invaluable services to any woman in need. 

Some services include:

  • Ultrasounds (including 3D)

  • STD testing

  • Medical grade pregnancy tests

  • Fertility care program

  • Post abortive counseling

  • Parenting classes

  • Fatherhood mentoring

  • Family planning

  • Referrals with adoption partners

  • Outside referrals for jobs, housing, legal aid, and hundreds of other necessities

  • Material donations: Clothes, diapers, formula, bottles, food and more.

You can watch our tour of the facility here: [1] 

The loving approach of every PRC makes them vital for communities to help women in need.

Every service given at this Pregnancy Resource Center is free of charge. The technicians are paid through donations from people and churches. Across the country and throughout the world, Pregnancy Resource Centers and Crisis Pregnancy Centers are run by service and love. They don’t have the federal funding and private donors like abortion facilities do, yet they charge nothing. The men and women who volunteer at Pregnancy Resource Centers work hard to save lives and build up women who feel fearful and helpless. These centers exist to serve women and their children and are sometimes the only place women facing unplanned pregnancies have to go. 

Important work done through pregnancy resource centers you may not know about

A nurse named Sarah Jensen runs the fertility care program in American Fork, helping with family planning. Recently, a grant was offered to teach sexual education focusing on healthy relationships in all aspects. 

In the United States, around half of the abortions that occur are chemical, or through RU-486. Through the PRC, there is an abortion pill reversal hotline. There are two doctors who can be contacted and begin the reversal if a mother regrets her choice after taking the abortion pill. Though abortion facilities fail to ever inform about the reversal, PRC can help women try and reverse the decision with medical help.

They need your help

These types of services save lives, and you can help fund them. The biggest yearly fundraiser banquet is just around the corner. On October 8th, you can attend the Banquet for Life, where you will hear from keynote speaker Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now a pro-life leader. You can register to attend at Currently, the new American Fork Pregnancy Resource Center is only open one day a week due to a lack of funding. Through statistics, we can see that Utah County suffers from many abortions yearly. Women need more options when they are in a difficult situation. They can’t access the services they need without more help for the Center from individuals, businesses, and churches.

As long as there are abortions, there will be resource centers offering help to choose life

Since abortion was legalized, people who value life have not stopped to provide women with truth and help to sustain and preserve the humanity of human life. These resources have been in Utah for 36 years, impacting more than 75,000 lives. Our pregnancy centers are operational, despite pushback from pro-abortion groups and a tremendous lack of funding.

Planned Parenthood has millions in excess funds each year and claims to promote choices, but they don't help women who choose life. Instead, they focus their efforts on spreading lies about these crisis centers. [3] However, pregnancy centers outnumber abortion clinics. There is help that is open to every woman in need. But they still need bold and courageous people to stand up and help more through both personal promotion of their services and private donations.

Pregnancy Resource Centers should never be diminished to “pro-birth” only. 

The love and support offered by the Pregnancy Resource Center is never-ending. Those who think that pro-life groups are only concerned with the birth of the baby have no idea the amount of help and care given. No abortion facility gives free, life-affirming services in the way that a PRC does. Come to American Fork and tour the facility and see for yourself, then help spread the word.

Pro-Life Utah and the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City offer life-affirming resources to women and their children. To seek help for you or a loved one, please visit our sister website and If you are in a position to help us in the cause, please consider a donation. Thank you.

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