Why Abortion is Never Discussed in the Abortion Debate

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 07/27/2021

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The abortion debate spans a variety of topics—women’s rights, bodily autonomy, viability, legislation, and many others. But of all the various topics that are debated, the specific details of abortion itself are almost never discussed. This is not by accident. The abortion industry has done a masterful job of hiding the awful reality of these graphic procedures from the public. They know that if more people became aware of what is actually happening behind their closed doors, support for abortion could be dramatically affected. 

If you consider yourself to be pro-choice, take a moment to be sure you are fully informed about the reality of what you claim to support. Understanding these horrific details may cause you to rethink your beliefs. 

This is an unexaggerated, accurate medical description of the most common abortion procedures:

Medical Abortion (Pill) (performed up to 10th week of pregnancy) —The mother takes a pill called Mifepristone (RU-486), which kills the baby by cutting off nutrients and blood supply.  With no natural mechanism to expel the dead baby this early in the pregnancy, the mother must then take a second pill, Misoprostol, which induces severe cramping, contractions and heavy bleeding, in order to expel her baby. She must endure this painful experience at home, where she will be confronted with the grim task of disposing of the remains of her dead child, whose fingers and toes will be visible. This is most commonly done by flushing human remains down the toilet.

Aspiration (D&C) (performed from 5-13 weeks of pregnancy) —This is the most commonly performed abortion procedure. The mother’s cervix is forced open using a series of dilators, after which a straw-like suction tube is inserted into the uterus. Although the baby has a heartbeat, arms and legs, its bones are still very weak and fragile. The baby is still alive when it is sucked through the tube with a force 10-20 times greater than a household vacuum, literally ripping it apart piece by piece. The abortionist must assemble the pieces of the baby on a dish after the procedure, to ensure that no limbs or other fragments have been left behind.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) (performed 13-24 weeks of pregnancy) — In this procedure, the cervix is forced open and drained of amniotic fluid. A baby at this gestational age is too large to fit through a suction tube, so an instrument known as a Sopher clamp is inserted into the uterus to grasp the limbs of the baby, and tear it into pieces as it is removed limb by limb. After the limbs and internal organs are removed, the remaining skull is still too large to fit through the opening, so the Sopher clamp is used to crush it for removal. A successful skull crushing is confirmed by the presence of white fluid, indicating the baby’s brain matter has spilled out. The various pieces of the baby are then assembled to ensure nothing is left behind in the uterus.

Induction (Late Term) (25 weeks to term) — In an induction abortion, a lethal dosage of Digoxin is injected directly into the baby’s skull or heart with a large needle. Babies at this stage are nearly fully developed and viable. At this point, laminaria (seaweed) is inserted into the mother’s cervix. The woman must then wait 2-3 days for her cervix to be opened by the laminaria so she can deliver the dead child. This waiting period does not take place at the clinic, so the dead baby is often delivered into a toilet or bathtub at home. If the baby does not come out whole, the abortionist must perform a D&E procedure, tearing the baby out piece by piece with clamps.

If these details make you uncomfortable, that is a normal reaction. These medieval and barbaric procedures have no place in a civil society. But thousands of unborn children are brutally killed every day as abortion is championed as a noble right by those who do not truly understand it. Regardless of all the other issues surrounding the abortion debate, the grim details about abortion itself should encourage mothers to consider the beautiful options of life, motherhood, or adoption. 

Pro-Life Utah works to protect women and their children from the harmful effects of abortion. Please consider making a donation so that, together, we can create a culture of life and continue in our work towards a pro-life future. 

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