Comprehensive Sex Ed and Abortion - Why We Opposed HB0177

  • Jessica Spackman and William Lawyer
  • 07/15/2021

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Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

One Facebook follower asked us why Pro-Life Utah opposed teaching children about consent to sex. This is why.


This last legislative session was largely disappointing for the pro-life movement. (HB231 and HB253 were shot down before they made it to a vote.)

There was, however, at least one piece of legislation we were pleased to see fail to succeed: HB0177. [1]

Sponsored by Representative Carol Spackman Moss, the bill would have integrated a new practice of teaching minors how to offer or refuse consent to sex as part of their public school sex education.

On the surface to many, it seemed like a good idea.

One earnest Facebook follower asked us, “I read that Pro-Life Utah opposed legislation that would add consent to curriculum in schools where refusal of sex is taught. Can you tell me why you opposed this legislation?”

There are a couple of reasons why we do not support consent language in sex education in  schools and why we generally oppose typical comprehensive sex education programs.

Legally, Child Sex Is Rape

Language from HB0177 would have taught children how to consent to sex. However, that creates an obvious conflict within the law.

In the state of Utah, it is illegal for a child to consent to sex. Even if the child “consents,” the sexual activity could constitute rape. [2]

Why would we want to teach children to consent to something that they could actually be prosecuted for?

Utah already has refusal skills taught in public school, which we feel is a much better way to protect children.

The Bigger Agenda: Teen Pregnancy and Abortion

Some people don’t want you to know this: Consent language is part of a much larger comprehensive sex education (CSE) agenda.

CSE teaches children that they are sexual beings from birth and have a right to have sex whenever and with whomever. It often encourages them to explore their sexuality as an elementary student, to use various forms of birth control, and to access abortions.

Rather than promoting abstinence before marriage or even through childhood, this type of education actually encourages teens (and younger children) to be sexually active. It makes them believe they can and should have sex, without consequences. While CSE teaches about various forms of birth control, children are often not responsible or even educated enough about how to use it successfully.

The data is limited, but evidence suggests that CSE, at best, fails to decrease rates of underage sex, and, at worst, may lead to higher rates of underage sex, and, yes, underage pregnancy. [3]

For instance, when CSE funding was cut in England, data showed no increase in teen pregnancy rates—in fact, it slightly decreased. [4]

And JAMA Pediatrics published that, while increased sex education in schools generally correlated with lower teen birth rates, almost any difference in birthrates disappears completely when abortion and demographics were taken into account. [5]

But who exactly is behind CSE? And why?

Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest names behind CSE internationally, nationally, and, yes, here in Utah. You can learn more about their dangerous curriculum and agenda here:

Some might suggest that Planned Parenthood is solely interested in teaching children CSE for altruistic reasons, but does that really justify the amount of resources they spend on it?

They have immense financial incentive for grooming a generation of children to trust their brand, become sexually active, and convert into loyal, repeat customers while they are young, coming back year after year for contraceptives and abortions.

Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in both the United Sates and in Utah. Nationally, they commit over 350,000 abortions per year, and in Utah, they commit about 2,000 of the state’s approximately 3,000 annual abortions. [6] [7] [8]

We Are Pro-Good Education

We are not opposed to teenagers having information that will protect them from unwanted consequences. We are opposed to education that promotes abortion and pushes for younger and younger sexual activity.

Parents, that begins with you.

Learn what your child is learning in school, and use your voice in your local school system to ensure they align with your values. [9]

More importantly, have healthy, positive conversations with your children about sex, promoting abstinence through childhood. Be brave; step into the role as your children’s primary teacher as your children learn about their bodies, their sexuality, and their future families.

CSE encourages you to relieve yourselves of your inherent responsibilities as parents. We encourage you to engage in regular, age-appropriate conversations throughout your children’s lives.

As you talk openly with your children, some of you may learn that your child has already had sex or otherwise violated family sexual standards. If this happens, please embrace them, walk with them through the consequences, and lovingly help them carry any potential babies to term.

The parent you are today may determine what kind of parent they become.

Pro-Life Utah defends unborn children and promotes a culture of life through educational posts like this one as well as legislative action, community outreach, and aid to women who are pregnant and don’t know what to do. To seek help for you or a loved one, please check out our sister website. Or, if you are in a position to help us in the cause, please consider becoming a donor. Thank you.

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