Why Abortion is Not 'A Woman's Right To Choose'

  • Katherine Bright
  • 06/21/2021

Photo: Edward Cisneros via Unsplash

There is no shortage of euphemisms that the cultural left uses for abortion. This makes sense because in order for such a violent act to be accepted into the mainstream, it has to be shrouded in soft language to make it seem more palatable and less controversial. Some of these euphemisms include reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, and of course, a woman’s right to choose. While all of these phrases can be linguistically and philosophically debunked, today I’d like to focus exclusively on the latter. 

Choose What? 

The phrase “a woman’s right to choose” is noticeably lacking description. Choose what? Certainly all reasonable people can agree that a woman should be free to choose what food she eats, what career field she pursues, what religion she practices, and other decisions regarding her own beliefs and preferences. But the common phrase of “a woman’s right to choose” is not referring to any of those choices. It’s referring to whether or not she should be allowed to undergo one of a variety of methods- suction aspiration, chemical poisoning, live dismemberment-to end the life of another human being inside of her. It’s referring to whether or not she can have someone put to death. 

If someone says they support “a woman’s right to choose,” they are really saying that a woman should have the choice of whether or not her child lives or dies. Whether or not her offspring is deliberately killed. 

Only God ultimately has the moral authority to call one of His children home. We seek to prolong living and maintain a high quality of life through medical care, healthy practices, and other measures to mitigate physical risk, but life is not ours to take. So to say you believe in “a woman’s right to choose” (to get an abortion) is to place human beings above God.

As women, we can choose many things. What a blessing it is to live in a time where we can vote, attend college, drive a car, buy real estate, own a business, and pursue any of the same career opportunities as men. What we cannot do is allow someone to inflict lethal violence upon our own children. What we cannot do is pretend we are God and act as an arbiter of who lives and who dies. 

As pro-life champion Lila Rose has said, “My rights as a woman and human being do not include the right to kill my child. Period.”

No, women do not have the "right" to choose abortion. 

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