Planned Parenthood is Not Pro-Woman

  • Koria Horrocks
  • 05/31/2021

Photo by Giorgio Travato on Unsplash

Abortion is a heavily-debated issue in the United States, but even those who are pro-abortion should oppose Planned Parenthood. It is a corrupt organization, and those on the other side of the aisle need to know why. Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar organization hailed for providing women’s healthcare, but really, they care much more about profits than helping women.

Some telling statistics

According to its 2019-2020 annual report, Planned Parenthood received over half a billion dollars in government funding—618.1 million, to be exact. That is about 1.7 million taxpayer dollars every day, with government funding of Planned Parenthood having gone up 27% in the last ten years. [1]

On top of taxpayer money, Planned Parenthood received $510 million in private donations. This adds up to $1.64 billion in total revenue, with an excess in revenue totaling $69.7 million. That is a large sum of money, so where does it go?

Since 2010, prenatal care has dropped 72%.

Since 2010, contraception services have declined by 36%.

Since 2004, cancer screenings have dropped 72%. (Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms, only breast exams.)

Since 2004, Pap tests have dropped 77%.

Since 2008, adoption referrals are down 46%.

In 1996, Planned Parenthood had 900 facilities and 142 affiliates, compared to 2020 with 600 facilities and 49 affiliates, but it still dominates 41% of the abortion industry.

Abortions, however, have increased. The report for 2019-2020 shows a record total for the year, with over 972 abortions performed across the country each day. That’s an abortion every 89 seconds for that year. [2]

Unsanitary and unsafe clinics

Health code violations are common among Planned Parenthood facilities. Many clinics have been closed due to these violations—or remain open, and often don’t make changes after citations. According to Americans United for Life, violations include:

  • Blood and bodily fluid stained and/or splattered on floor, wall, lights, and other equipment

  • Medicine, blood testing, and fetal remains kept in the same refrigerators as food

  • Autoclaves (sterilizers) that were not being properly monitored, not used to manufacturers’ standards, and/or not working

  • Soiled and clean equipment stored in the same room

  • Contaminated syringe containers being stored incorrectly

  • Improper water temperatures for laundry and sterilization

  • Single-use vials being used multiple times and on different patients

  • Vaginal probes, surfaces, and other equipment not being disinfected between uses, and

  • Infectious waste not being stored or disposed of properly. 

Those are just some of the citations across 30 states, from over 150 different Planned Parenthood and affiliated facilities. Poor sanitation in a medical facility is dangerous for patients, but it seems to be the norm for Planned Parenthood and other affiliated facilities. [3]

With so much government funding and excess revenue, you would think they could sterilize tools and clean their facilities.

There have been many instances of dangers to women because of abortions as well. There are significant risks that come with the abortion procedures they peddle and the unsafe way in which they often peddle them, particularly the abortion pill and late term abortions. [4][5] 

In the first nine months after New York legalized abortion for any reason up until birth, they averaged one woman a month needing to be hospitalized because of a procedures. [6]

Employees are treated worse than buildings and medical supplies.

Mayra Rodriguez worked at different Planned Parenthood facilities in Arizona for more than 15 years, even winning Employee of the Year in 2016. The next year, however, she discovered a dangerous trend in the abortion practice where she worked. Mayra started to notice more patients being sent to the hospital after complications and traced them back to one particular abortionist who had carried out incomplete abortions, where one or more body parts from the aborted baby remained in the womb. This is dangerous for the woman and can lead to bad infections. The abortionist—who still works for PP—also had assistants complete medical forms confirming that not-yet-performed procedures were done successfully. 

Then, in September of 2017, Rodriguez reported to a supervisor that the Planned Parenthood she oversaw failed to report performing an abortion on an underage teen who had an adult sexual partner. One month later, she lost her job. Mayra Rodriguez won her wrongful termination lawsuit against Planned Parenthood and was awarded $3 million. [7]

The shocking evidence that Mayra uncovered is not the first of its kind. As the former manager of a Planned Parenthood in Texas, Abby Johnson knows all too well the bad business practices associated with the company. She has brought to light many unsavory facts about the company and even started a nonprofit, “And Then There Were None," encouraging employees to leave. Her group offers former Planned Parenthood workers assistance in transitioning into a new field, and gives them a platform to come forward with their stories. Over 550 former Planned Parenthood employees have been assisted in leaving their jobs and you can read their testimonials for yourself on her website.

Planned Parenthood aids abusers

Failure to report or even be concerned about rape victims has been caught on tape. [8] For anyone who abuses women and girls, Planned Parenthood is the place to go to cover their tracks. Unfortunately Planned Parenthood cares more about making money from abortions than it does helping to report these abusers. 

In southwest Ohio, a 16 year old girl was brought in for an abortion and told staffers she'd been raped by her father since she was 12 years old. The staff violated Ohio law by not reporting the rape and incest. After the abortion, they sent her home, allowing her to be a victim for another 18 months. A year later, her basketball coach finally filed a report and her father was sent to jail. In 2007, she launched a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood and won. [9] 

Unfortunately, there are too many similar cases that are settled quietly in courts. The case in southwest Ohio was not an exception.

In 2002, a Texas investigation over a two-year period led to 800 recorded calls to various Planned Parenthoods of girls posing as 13 years old and pregnant by an adult. 91% of the facilities agreed to hide the age of the girl, even acknowledging to them that it was illegal. [10] 

Similar investigations have occurred in other states with similar and disturbing results. Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, went undercover to a Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles posing as a 15 year old. While there, she recorded the staff advising her to lie about her age rather than asking questions and filing a report. [11] 

Undercover journalism provides us with shocking evidence of corruption at Planned Parenthood. The real cases across this country are tragedies for young girls that need help. Planned Parenthood does not offer help for the victim. Rather, they often cover up for the abuser. Aiding abusers is shameful, heartless, and illegal. 

Planned Parenthood puts abortion politics over women’s health

Dr. Leana Wen was appointed the head of Planned Parenthood at the end of 2018. She was the first doctor to head the organization in nearly 50 years and only the second one in the organization’s history. Dr. Wen has an impressive medical history and seemed perfect for the job.

Leana Wen wanted an emphasis on mental health and had a bigger vision to care for  women's health in all aspects, not just abortion. Wen attempted to rebrand the political name of Planned Parenthood to become a more comprehensive source for medical care and attention for women. Planned Parenthood did not share her vision, and she was forced out of the position.

Planned Parenthood ended Dr. Wen’s career after less than nine months, replacing her with Alexis McGill Johnson. Johnson has no medical background, and considers herself a social justice advocate. 

Planned Parenthood claims to care about “women's health,” but how can this be true after they ditched a professional with a desire to focus on broader healthcare services? Combine the politics with their stats and their real focus couldn’t be more clear—it has always been profiting from abortion. [12]

Unsanitary, unsafe, and unfeeling as they have proven to be, now more than ever they want to focus on politics for money rather than healthcare for women.

There are 20 community health centers for every 1 planned parenthood 

Planned Parenthood is far from the best or only option for “healthcare” out there. We don't need them to treat women. In Utah, for example, there are 9 Planned Parenthoods or affiliate facilities, compared to 61 community health centers. Low income or struggling women deserve medical facilities that offer more resources and treat them better—places that focus on health and safety, not just profit and power. [13]

Planned Parenthood has kept up a public facade about caring for women for far too long. Women deserve better. They deserve real options, clean facilities, and fair treatment. Alice Paul, one of the main leaders of the women's suffrage movement, referred to abortion as the "ultimate exploitation of women." Planned Parenthood perpetuates and facilitates the ultimate exploitation of women, no matter the cost. Planned Parenthood is not pro-woman.


Pro-Life Utah doesn’t just talk about saving children—we also provide free resources and assistance to women facing challenging pregnancies. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help. If you are in a position to, please consider making a donation so we can continue in our efforts to help women succeed..

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