Pro-Life Utah is Doing the Necessary Work of Helping Women See Their Babies

  • Abigail Kime
  • 05/26/2021

Abortion is a life-altering procedure. Once completed, abortions cannot be undone, and the emotional and psychological effects for women can be intense and last a lifetime. Women that have had abortions are 70% more likely to self harm and have been found to attempt suicide at higher rates than other women. Regardless of one’s personal stance on abortion, sensible common ground can be found in the idea that women should have all available information when making a decision of this caliber.

Unfortunately, women often walk into abortion appointments blind to one of the most important pieces of information—one that is hidden within them.

Nothing is more fundamental to making an informed decision about an abortion than actually seeing the baby. It is impossible for a woman to understand the repercussions of ending something that she has not seen for herself. A pro-life versus pro-choice debate should not arise when I say that every woman should see her baby before choosing an abortion. Women deserve transparency in the difficult circumstances of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, and that transparency includes seeing their baby.

However, Planned Parenthood has consistently denied this transparency to the women they treat. Most Planned Parenthoods only provide ultrasounds to carry out abortions. Even if a woman does receive an ultrasound, Planned Parenthood workers will intentionally turn the monitor out of view to shield a woman from seeing her unborn child. As a result 96.1% of pregnant women that receive help at Planned Parenthood receive an abortion,

Why would Planned Parenthood do this? I can only conclude that Planned Parenthood wants to withhold vital information from women because giving women this information would jeopardize their business. 

Save the Storks, an organization that provides resources for women considering abortion, reports that 80% of women who enter their mobile clinic to receive services such as ultrasounds choose life for their child. This is a reality that should be celebrated, and as a community we should do all we can to afford women the opportunity of seeing their babies and making a fully informed decision. 

The Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Ultrasound Clinic, sponsored by Pro-Life Utah and stationed outside of Planned Parenthood facilities in Salt Lake City, provides pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and options counseling at no cost. This mobile clinic provides the essential information and transparency denied to women at Planned Parenthood by allowing women to see the baby that is growing within them. Women only need to visit to access these free services. 

Pro-Life Utah also ensures that women have essential resources even after providing an ultrasound. Women who accept the mobile clinic’s services may also accept Pro-Life Utah’s options counseling and ongoing pregnancy/parenting support—including possible financial assistance, career counseling, legal aid, and material support. With the information and resources provided by Pro-Life Utah, women can choose life and prosper in that decision.

Whatever your moral view on abortion, it is an unarguable moral good that women be given full transparency about their pregnancy and the resources available to them. Those arguing against ultrasounds for women considering abortion are arguing against women making informed decisions. It’s that simple.

We will never know how many women aborted their babies because they lacked knowledge and awareness of what was inside them and the support that was available to them. How much happiness, love, and laughter has been lost because women were unable to see beneath their own skin? This is a tragedy for those women, their children, and our communities, and it is a tragedy that groups like Pro-Life Utah are working to prevent. Helping women access ultrasounds is not a divisive issue. It is an issue of helping women see their decisions and options clearly, and that is a cause we can all get behind.

If you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, we are here for you. Visit to see the resources that we offer. If you are able, please consider donating so we can continue the essential work of allowing women to see their babies.

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