Misconception Monday: Abortion Is Necessary to Prevent Future Hardships

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 05/24/2021

Misconception: Abortion can be used to help prevent future struggles for children.

A common argument for abortion is that it may be necessary in some cases to help prevent future difficulties in life. If there is a likelihood that the child may be born into a situation of poverty, neglect, abuse or other hardships, then it would be better that the child is not born at all. 

But potential challenges in the future should not justify intentionally ending a human life. Unborn children should not be condemned to die simply because the world is not perfect. This would be punishing the child now for mistakes their parents might make in the future. Rather than turning to abortion as the easy answer, we should instead focus on addressing the issues that may lead to difficulties in the future. 

As a rebuttal to this argument, we would refer you back to last week’s Misconception Monday about overpopulation.

Perhaps not all of the dire predictions of the child’s future will come true. But even if some of them do, whatever difficulties a child may face in their future, none could be worse than being intentionally killed by their own mother, robbing them of a chance to experience life and learn and grow by overcoming challenges. [1][2]


1. https://www.liveaction.org/news/thousands-children-already-foster-care/?fbclid=IwAR1WC3coe_36RVpIDQdl0zNtVR-8ofcai18S56X5XkZ8F1IkRd4aRKZk58c


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