Misconception Monday: Abortion Is Necessary to Stop Overpopulation

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 05/17/2021

Misconception: There are too many people in the world today.

The misconception that the world is overpopulated is sometimes used as a justification for abortion. According to many pro-abortion activists, the earth has limited resources to sustain life, and therefore it is reasonable to sacrifice an unborn child so that others may have a better chance at life.  

Of course, this idea is absurd on its face. If the goal is to create better opportunities for human life, we should allow human beings to live instead of killing them in the womb, thus removing any opportunity for a good life. If killing is the solution to overpopulation, then this logic could be extended to the killing of any subset of the population—the elderly, the disabled, people of certain races, etc. Of course, that would be inhumane, and so is the killing of innocent children in the womb.

Beyond this, however, not only is the idea of diminished quality of life due to overpopulation demonstrably false, it turns out the exact opposite is actually the case. The world population has increased nearly 700% since 1900—a dramatic increase compared to any other historical period. [1] Yet by virtually any measure, the human condition around the world has improved exponentially during this time frame of population explosion.  Life expectancy, poverty, child mortality, famine, crime, literacy, happiness, technology, the environment, and essentially all indicators of the overall human condition are dramatically better now than at any time in world history.[2][3]

The world has never seen such drastic improvements happen as rapidly as in the last century. Contrary to the myth of overpopulation, it is the very people who were part of this population explosion who helped to bring about all of the advancements that benefit humanity today. The human family has an unlimited potential to improve our way of life and make the world a better place. For those concerned about overpopulation, the answer is not to kill the innocent unborn, but to continue to improve technology and our way of living, as we have always done. [4]


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