Mobile Clinic Opens! Gives FREE Ultrasounds Outside Planned Parenthood

  • Jessica Spackman
  • 05/12/2021

The day is here! Starting today, May 12, 2021, our Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Ultrasound Clinic is open for business!

For now, the clinic is primarily stationed several days a week in front of Planned Parenthood Metro in Salt Lake City (the only Planned Parenthood location in Utah that performs abortions, and which offers abortions up to 22 weeks—right on the line of viability).

“Unlike Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life Utah is here to do everything possible to truly help women in need and empower them to make a choice that will leave them happier and let their babies live.” Mary Taylor, President of Pro-Life Utah

The Clinic: a History

Since over 5 years ago, when Pro-Life Utah was just a ragtag team of a handful of friends working together to end abortion, we had big dreams of helping women in real, tangible ways.

Since then, we’ve grown to over 40 active volunteers and helped dozens of women choose life. We’ve collected thousands of donation dollars to be able to do this—and to save up for our newest big purchase.

Last August, Pro-Life Utah leadership traveled to California to pick up a gently-used mobile clinic and drive it back home to Utah.

Nine months, one makeover, one donated ultrasound machine, and a lot of generous donations later, the clinic hits the street.

Pregnancy Choice Utah?

Pro-Life Utah operates its child brand, Pregnancy Choice Utah, through which we focus on outreach to women considering abortion. And now, Pregnancy Choice Utah is also proud to offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds in the Pregnancy Choice Utah Mobile Ultrasound Clinic!

On the Pregnancy Choice Utah website, you can schedule your ultrasound appointment (but appointments are not required).

What Is a Clinic Visit Like?

When a woman enters the mobile clinic, she will be greeted by a small, qualified staff, including a certified ultrasonographer and an options counselor. She may take a pregnancy test in the private on-board restroom. She will then be offered a hospital-grade ultrasound and given the chance to see her baby and hear its heartbeat. 

As desired, she may accept options counseling to discuss her future. If she chooses to keep the baby (or place it for adoption), we offer assistance via the Life Grant Program.

Women who apply for a Life Grant may receive options counseling, mentorship, legal assistance, housing aid, baby supplies, and/or other monetary assistance (as applicable). The support doesn’t automatically end when the baby is born; we walk alongside mom and baby throughout and, as needed and desired, well beyond pregnancy.

The whole experience is confidential, professional, compassionate, private, and free.

Why and How to Help

According to Save the Storks’ data, 4 out of 5 women who board a mobile ultrasound clinic choose life—as opposed to the over 90% of pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood for help who choose abortion.

Every year, roughly 3,000 Utah babies are killed in abortion. This clinic is perhaps the most effective way to bring those numbers down and, ultimately, end put the abortion industry out of business in Utah.

But we can’t do it without you.

That’s why we’re launching our Save a Life, Save a Generation Fundraiser, May 12–25. You can help us keep the clinic on the road all year long—and, hopefully, for more and more hours a week. The cost of running a mobile ultrasound clinic isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it, even if we only save one baby—although we predict many, many more!

You can become a monthly donor by visiting, or you can make a one-time donation at that same website or via Venmo: @Pro-LifeUtah .

Or, to find out how to become a volunteer, please contact Deanna:

“Women who do go through an abortion suffer tremendously from emotional stresses due to the remorse they almost universally feel. If we can simultaneously help bring forth the miracle of life, and avoid a lifetime of emotional distress, then we can be instruments in the hands of God in helping all involved.” Dr. Mark Saunders, MD FACOG, Clinic Medical Director

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