Why We March - 4 Top Reasons Why You Should March for Life

  • Aubrey Wursten
  • 01/27/2021

Every January, thousands of people sacrifice their time and money to plan or take part in the March for Life—but sadly, last year, as many marchers discussed positive experiences they had had at the event, a fellow pro-lifer remarked, “And not a single baby was saved.”

I’m here to tell everyone, whether pro-life or pro-abortion, why he was wrong.

Both our natural rights as human beings and our Constitution’s First Amendment guarantee that we have the freedom to assemble, to speak openly, and to petition our government officials. Certainly, that can take the form of rallies and protests that amount to little more than disorganized expressions or even mob frenzy.

But that is not what we do at the March for Life. We rally in a spirit of love and peace; we rally for a specific and clear cause; and we rally using methods that actually help accomplish our goal: saving lives and changing hearts.

Leading up to Utah’s March for Life happening this weekend, let us go through the top 4 meaningful reasons why you should march with us.

1) Fundraise for the Most Vulnerable

The March for Life is one of the few rallies where it can honestly be said that virtually all people contributing are acting on behalf of someone else, not to benefit themselves. 

Like many organizations, we use these opportunities to ask for donations. However, because Pro-Life Utah is 100% volunteer-run, our donations are not aimed at furthering the cause of anyone contributing. Instead, we host diaper drives for less-fortunate mothers and their babies. We take the opportunity to encourage volunteering at pregnancy resource centers. And we educate attendees on what they can do to help others.

If you march with us this weekend in Utah and choose to make a donation, rest assured that your money is going straight to these causes, not lining anyone’s pocket.

2) Equip Yourself for the Work

Anyone deeply involved in the pro-life movement can tell you how emotionally draining it can be. We often feel like David against Goliath, and with no support from each other, many people would give up the battle entirely. 

The March for Life is an opportunity for a group of weak, flawed human beings to come together and see the strength in our numbers. It is a chance to buoy each other up so that we don’t collectively sink in despair.

Research has long indicated that such gatherings—or at least the right type of them—is beneficial for the well-being of the participants. And like the parents who must put on their own oxygen masks before they can effectively help children with theirs, we need to equip ourselves emotionally to help the mothers and children who need us.

3) Network

My drive to last year’s March for Life was a joyous and entertaining one. I had hitched a ride with several friends of friends, none of whom I knew personally, and many of whom had strong personalities and opinions. The rest of them shared a common faith; mine was different. 

And I discovered that I, a Libertarian, had ended up in a car with one Democrat, two Republicans, and one whose political views the more talkative of us hardly got the chance to hear. 

We were not quiet.

The ride involved numerous political debates (none of which anybody won), discussions over recipes, and offers to help each other with gardening.

What is my point in describing this amusing scene? 

The point is that, once we arrived at the march, we all went to work on our common cause. I would have been unlikely to meet any of these people or to forge an alliance with them had the march not existed. We all know that there is strength in numbers, but we cannot utilize that strength without planning, gathering, and ultimately building relationships with those outside our usual social circle.

4) Send A Statement to Your Representatives

Finally, just as voting for officials—and then holding them accountable through contact—makes a huge difference in policy, so does a physical presence. A legislator who sees a large group of politically-active people organizing constructively knows to pay attention to them. Those are the people who determine whether elected officials keep their jobs.

Whether through lack of awareness or lack of concern, your representatives will often fail to adequately represent you. It is your job as a citizen to make them hear you, and we do that at the March for Life. Nobody at the Capitol Building can fail to discern what it is that we want, and they know they ignore us at peril to their positions in the government.

So, the next time you wonder if we are accomplishing any of our goals by marching, ask the people who know. Ask the legislators who now know to pay attention. Ask the mothers who have gotten our assistance and support. Ask the weary pro-lifers who felt tempted to give up, but were given a second wind by the March for Life.

Find out more details about the March for Life so you can prepare to attend, or, if you are able to do so, please consider becoming a Pro-Life Utah donor.

March for Life Utah | Donate


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