Misconception Monday: Abortion Is the Same as Miscarriage

  • Ryan Phillips
  • 12/27/2020

Misconception: An abortion is no different from a miscarriage.

Losing a child to miscarriage is unfortunately a relatively common event. It is estimated that anywhere from 10 to 20% of pregnancies may end in a miscarriage, and the number may actually be higher, as some pregnancies may end in miscarriage before the mother even realizes she is pregnant. About 85% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester, with risk factors including genetics, infection, anatomic problems, and previous miscarriages.

Although miscarriages are not unusual, this unexpected loss of a child can be devastating for expectant parents. However, pro-choice advocates will sometimes use the prevalence of miscarriages as a reason to justify abortions. After all, if miscarriages due to natural causes are so frequent, then it shouldn’t be a big deal to allow a woman to have an abortion.

But of course this is faulty logic. However common miscarriages may be, this does not diminish the inherent value of human life, nor does it justify intentionally ending a life. By this logic, it would be acceptable to kill a grown adult because people die every day anyway. Anyone who ever lives will ultimately die someday, but this does not mean it is within another person’s right to inflict that death. The absurdity of this reasoning should not be abandoned just because the human life in question happens to be in the womb.

Many couples struggle with multiple miscarriages, infertility, and other challenges in trying to become parents. If a pregnancy is unwanted, there are always many wonderful options for adoption placement.

Here at Pro-Life Utah, we do everything we can to not only provide accurate information regarding abortion, but we also empower women to choose life by providing physical and emotional resources. Find out how you can donate, or find out more about our free resources for pregnant and post-abortive women.

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