How Planned Parenthood of Utah Exploits Individuals With Disabilities

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 10/23/2018

"And a lot of it in hindsight, I realize that the education [from Planned Parenthood] is very similar to how pedophiles prepare children for them to have sex with them. You start to break down their natural inhibitions. One of the first exercises in comprehensive sex education is that you start to try to break the ice by asking the kids to tell you all the slang words that they know about sex or body parts. And they giggle, and they’re nervous, and you can tell that they’re inhibited, but they start to break down that barrier, those inhibitions."

- Monica Cline, former Title X Health Educator

One of the many ways that Planned Parenthood inserts itself in the community is through their education classes. They often speak about how their curriculum and educators help keep young people from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and also empower them to practice “safe sex” in order to avoid unintended pregnancies.

Despite their claims, those who’ve studied the inner workings of Planned Parenthood know that these classes (which are often offered for free) are nothing more than a marketing strategy. Are we truly to believe that they provide these so-called education classes out of a general concern for the welfare of the public? Of course not. Their goal is to normalize and encourage promiscuity, build a relationship with kids, then be their go-to resource for birth control, STD tests, and ultimately, their highest revenue-generating service, abortion. Monica Cline is a former Title X Health educator who reveals that Planned Parenthood is a “very aggressive sales team” and that they “will groom children to be sexually active.”

Our critics will undoubtedly claim that we are prudes or religious zealots who want to force our beliefs on others and keep young people ignorant about their bodies and about sex. Nonsense. We are absolutely for young people understanding and learning these things, but not from an organization that stands something to gain from their sexual activity. Not from an organization that preaches “values-neutral” education (hint: there’s no such thing). Not from an organization that thinks Utah should be “embarrassed, rather than proud” for requiring parental consent before an abortion, an invasive and life-altering surgery, is performed on an underage girl. And not from an organization where the education director is married to the abortion provider.

While sexualizing children for one’s own financial gain is bad enough, Planned Parenthood of Utah (PPAU) has taken things even further by targeting individuals with disabilities. Here are some examples:

Spectrum Academy

In January 2018, a Utah mother was concerned that Planned Parenthood had been invited to speak at an event at Spectrum Academy, a school for children with Asperger’s and autism. The woman attended the presentation, which was based on the FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) curriculum.

A closer look at the FLASH curriculum reveals that they are “designed to support young people… [in] seeking health care” when they need it.” It also speaks about building “positive attitudes and peer norms” about “condoms and birth control.” It’s not hard to decipher the language here: “health care” is abortion, and fostering positive attitudes about birth control methods is normalizing (and even encouraging) sexual behavior to children.

The “health educator” who presented was a young woman named Cecilia Hackerson whose LinkedIn profile reveals no training or specialty in working with special needs students. Clearly, this was yet another marketing move for Planned Parenthood to sexualize vulnerable individuals, then push their services onto them.

Birds and the Beehive

Another way that Planned Parenthood of Utah reveals their agenda to reach special needs students? In an episode of the “Birds and the Beehive” podcast entitled “Campus & Community Organizing), Ocean Candler, a former member of Teen Council and current president of “Students for Reproductive Freedom” (both of which are affiliated with PPAU) revealed that she is involved in research around sex education for special education students and hopes to one day create her own sex ed curriculum for students of this demographic.

Ms. Candler is in her early 20s, and like many who’ve worked with Planned Parenthood, she may have gotten involved with pure motives. Whether or not she fully yet understands that the entire aim of Planned Parenthood’s education programs is to gain clients for themselves is debatable, but as her group at Westminster College recently invited a speaker to talk about why she’d get an abortion if she became pregnant, Candler has been instrumental in helping expand Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion mindset, outreach, and clientele.

Options for Independence

Options for Independence is a group in Logan that helps young adults with disabilities learn life skills. Periodically, they hold a 4 week comprehensive sex education class free and open to the community. A Pro-Life Utah team member inquired more about the class, and an employee confirmed that the class facilitators were trained by and using curriculum from Planned Parenthood (albeit of another state).

Take a look at their flyer. Certainly, phrases like “communication and decision making” and “healthy relationships” sound noble and worthwhile, and yet we know that anything that Planned Parenthood puts out has the express intent to gain clients for themselves (primarily through the services of birth control, STD testing, and abortion). The fact that the classes were offered for free and were available even to individuals who were not part of Options of Independence is simply more evidence that the class is a marketing lead magnet.

Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Abortion Act

It’s no surprise at all that in the 2018 legislative session, Planned Parenthood of Utah heavily opposed HB 205, which sought to prohibit an abortion for the sole basis of a Down Syndrome fetal diagnosis. They do not see people with the disabilities as truly human. Whether in the womb or out, special needs individuals are to be Planned Parenthood’s victims (either of abortion or of sexualization). We will continue to expose their true motives in order to protect the innocent.  

If you are affiliated with Planned Parenthood of Utah, you do not have to continue to work for an organization that exploits vulnerable individuals for their own financial gain under the guise of “health education.” Please visit to learn how you can receive emotional, financial, and legal support and be guided into a more dignified profession.

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