SB118 Abortion Informed Consent Reform

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 01/30/2018

   SB:118 Abortion Law Amendments (Informed Consent)

   Official Bill:

   Bill Outline:  This bill takes the responsibility of the state portion of mandated abortion informed consent information from the abortion provider, and places it in the hands of the state of Utah.  This will be accomplished through an online, interactive class that a woman will take at the clinic.  This ensures that all women receive complete and accurate information before making an abortion decision.  It also creates an environment where abortion providers are no longer asked to state information they may not personally align with.

Why This Bill?  It came to our attention last year, that the abortion informed consent class given by abortion providers was a 15-minute class.  It is logistically impossible to complete all of the requirements of existing law in that time frame.  Women should be getting information about the development of their baby, about each type of procedure and specifically what it does to her baby.  She should be given resources, information on other options, risks, and the responsibilities of the father.  She should know about all of the information on the state health department website, that her baby may feel pain at 20 weeks, and that if she regrets her medication abortion after taking the first pill, that her baby may still be alive, and to seek a doctors help.  The list is quite extensive.  15 minutes is not enough.  This bill ensures that she will get all of the required information without prejudice.  An uninformed consent, is not consent.  Help us improve this system.

UPDATE 2/21/18:

SB118 Abortion Law Amendments PASSED the Senate! It will go to the House next! Updates will follow as soon as they are available.

If you would like to listen to the committee hearing, click this link (click the Hearings/Debate tab, then click Audio):

If you would like to listen to the Senate Floor debate, click here: & here:

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